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Yesterday at Big “Journalism”, St. Louis’s #1 Smear Merchant Dana Loesch wrote an article falsely accusing the “local mainstream media of failing to report a sexual assault at OccupySTL.”

P/oed Patriot first broke the story of a reported sexual assault case which took place at the Occupy St. Louis encampment in downtown Keiner Plaza on November 8th:
According to the St. Louis Police website crime map, at 3:55 PM at the corner of North 7th Street and Market (the exact location of Kiener Plaza where Occupy St. Louis was camped out) a Sexual Offense occurred.

 Why did this take ten days to make it to the mainstream media? Media tried to smear the tea party when they couldn’t find controversy, but this goes unreported for ten days?

CBS affiliate KMOV Channel 4 reported on the story this evening:
ST. LOUIS ( — A woman participating in the OccupySTL protest reported to police that a man sexually assaulted her while she was in her tent last Tuesday, three days before tents were removed by the city.  A St. Louis City police officer says the mayor could have prevented it.
Brian E. King, 38, was charged with first degree sexual misconduct after police said he crawled into the victim’s tent and touched her breast.  The assault happened on November 8 at the encampment that used to be set up in Kiener Plaza.
The mayor’s chief of staff says that Wiegert’s accusations are all about politics, and the staff points out that St. Louis did not have problems like other cities.
Occupy member John Mills says that crimes happened before the occupation, and the perpetrator in this case was not a regular participant. He does not think it should reflect on their movement.
The assault occurred at the protest and it would not have occurred had the protest not occurred. Mills can’t say for certain that the perpetrator isn’t a “regular participant.” So he’s kind of a participant? Mills stated that King isn’t a “regular participant” which suggests King had participated before. The words of Occupy St. Louis’s own organizer refutes the defense offered by its group on Twitter that King was “only tied by location.” The group insists that the press, which hadn’t reported on the assault for ten days, is also somehow “smearing” them over the actions of an “unregular” participant.

Since KMOV reported this Occupystl attacked them on Twitter, accusing them of “pandering” to me simply because I’m in the media, discussed it on my radio show (KMOV and my flagship station are two media entities in the same city), and publicly @’ed me on Twitter with a link to their story while I was on air. The Occupy group seems more outraged over this than over the fact that a crime against a woman occurred at their event in the first place. Figure that one out.
*MORE from Adam Sharp replete with Marc Cox’s report on KMOV.

Loesch and the right-wing biased KMOV have a long history of demonizing OccupySTL protestors, and even going as far as to accuse them of being "sexual assaulters."

She loves to lie about anything, including the OWS movement.