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Why is Jason Plummer refusing to release his federal income tax returns? Plummer is a Republican contender for U.S. Rep. Jerry Costello’s 12th District seat who is handing his primary opponents all sorts of ammunition. He refused to release his returns when he ran for lieutenant governor two years, and now he’s saying no again.

The more Plummer refuses, the more it makes you wonder if he has something to hide. Income isn’t a four-letter word.

Three of the candidates in this race have made their income tax records public and a fourth said he would if he wins the primary. That leaves Plummer standing alone.

Releasing the returns would help the public gauge Plummer’s commitment to transparency. There’s too much that can go on behind the scenes. The public wants leaders who conduct business, including personal business, in the open.

Plummer needs to release his income tax returns.


Just release them already, you 1%er coward!

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