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FiredUpInCa has a Diary up confirming that the source for disseminating the now-infamous Romney video is none other than James Carter IV, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. In his Diary, FiredUpInCa asks

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the guy who takes such glee in denigrating the legacy of former President Jimmy Carter, has his political career ended by the literal legacy of Jimmy Carter?

At 7:16 am this morning, we heard from former President Carter:

After emailing his grandfather the magazine’s story about the tape — under the subject, “Huge campaign news,” and calling it “my biggest story yet” — the former president wrote back at 7:16 am Tuesday: "James: This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa."

Jimmy Carter, probably the best ex-President who has ever graced our country, has served as a punching bag and punch line for Republicans for the last twenty years. Because he dared to tell the truth to Americans about the economic malaise that we were living through in the late 70’s, none of which was particularly his doing, and because he lost the 1980 election to a Republican icon, a man so bereft of personal character as to inform on his colleagues in the film industry and even enlist J. Edgar Hoover to spy on his own family, he has had to endure a constant stream of vituperation and smearing during the latter part of his extraordinary life.

The young Mr Carter is well aware of the opprobrium foisted on his grandfather’s shoulders by the same people who nearly destroyed the US Economy and deliberately sabotaged our current President’s attempts to resuscitate it.

So yes, FiredUpInCa, it is a delicious irony that we see the grandson of former President James Earl Carter effectively pulling the the switch on the trapdoor that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have found themselves falling through right now.

h/t: Dartagnan at Daily Kos

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