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The United Parcel Service has announced that it will no longer be donating to the Boy Scouts of America, indirectly referencing the organization’s now famous anti-gay policies as a primary reason for the break. 

In the past, UPS has given as much as $167,000 to the Boy Scouts in a single year. Activist Zach Wahls and others urged UPS to stop funding the Boy Scouts after the organization recently decided to uphold a policy barring LGBT people from participating.

The company was reviewing its corporate giving policy for months and announced the following last week: “The UPS Foundation seeks to support organizations that are in alignment with our focus areas, guidelines, and nondiscrimination policy. UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law, as well as other categories protected by UPS and The UPS Foundation in our own policies. These include, but are not limited to race, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, age and religion.”

BOOM. Boy Scout donors are dropping like flies. Money talks. 

(via truth-has-a-liberal-bias)

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    Here. Have a happy to offset all my recent gloom and doom!
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    As an Eagle Scout, I love this. The BSA should be gay-friendly, and I’m ashamed that it isn’t. I hope this can change.
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