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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has not hesitated to voice his distaste towards U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who may be nominated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. On Face the Nation Sunday morning, McCain went even further than simply opposing Rice’s nomination and said that, “until we find out all the information” on the Benghazi consulate attacks, he would not support any Secretary of State nominee.

McCain at first said it “might be a beginning” if Rice could come on the program to explain her position. But when pressed by host Bob Schieffer, the Arizona senator dug in and refused to support any nominee “under the present circumstances”:

SCHIEFFER: Until then, you will remain opposed to her nomination?

MCCAIN: Under the present circumstances, until we find out all the information as to what happened, I don’t think you would want to support any nominee right now. Because this is very very serious and it has even larger implications than the deaths of 4 Americans. It really goes to the heart of this whole light foot print policy that this administration is pursuing.

h/t: Aviva Shen at Think Progress

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    This is an excellent point, and one that shows the disingenuous jackass’s real priorities.
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    Maybe if he actually went to closed door meetings ABOUT the situation he would know more about it. Fucking hate this bag...
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    Hey, McCain? Know what helps with finding out all of the information about what happened with Benghazi? Not skipping...
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    I’m legit banging my head against a wall right now, this is all beyond ridiculous at this point… "Because I believe in a...
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