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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A former student opened fire at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in downtown St. Louis, MO. Initial reports indicate he walked in the building, took the elevator to the 4th floor then shot one of the school’s financial advisers in the chest.   The shooting happened in the administrator’s office.  He then turned the gun on himself.  The shooter was found in a stairwell of the 5 story building.

Police say that this was not a random shooting.  The financial adviser was targeted.  The victim is believed to be 40-50 years old. 

The shooter and the financial adviser are the only people who have been shot. The victim and the shooter have both been rushed to the hospital.  One of them has been taken to Barnes Jewish hospital. Another has been taken to St. Louis University hospital.  The gunman is reportedly in grave condition.

The student was well known by the faculty.  He was a long time student at the school.