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(via America’s Newsroom hosts Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer Mock Non-English Speakers Who Need Health Care - NewsHounds)

As the media outlet for the rabidly xenophobic, “English Only” right wing, Fox News wants filthy immigrants to speak English because, as we know, that is Jesus’ preferred language. The contempt with which Fox views those who do not speak English as a primary language was evidenced by Fox “news” guy, Jon Scott, who was aghast that radio stations weren’t playing a parody song about the outrage of having to “Press One for English.” Martha MacCallum was amused by a diner owner’s sign that said “English Only.”  And now that the Affordable Care Act is offered in 150 languages, MacCallum and her fellow “news” host Bill Hemmer are in full mocking mode. America is a ethnically and linguistically diverse country - but not in “America’s Newsroom,” nosirreee!!!!

The Affordable Care Act will benefit those whose low paying jobs don’t provide health care. As many of these folks are recent immigrants who are not fully conversant with the English language, HHS is providing interpreters “to answer questions, help people understand some of the terminology.” This was a source of amusement to Fox News hosts (and paragons of the Catholic conservatism that seems to be required of Fox News hosts, with a few exceptions) Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum. With a great big, shit eating grin, eligible bachelor Hemmer said something that was sure to get his audience’s nativist juices flowing and pitchforks at the ready.


And BTW, another Fox blonde, Dana Perino, tweeted about the “absurdity” of offering Obamacare in different languages. Can’t be providing health care to those people, eh? No English, no Obamacare. Let them die and decrease the surplus population, right, Dana?

Chris Hayes does, as usual, a great take down on these “patriots”.

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