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* Rick Pearson at the Tribune takes a look at the claim made by Bruce Rauner’s wife Diana that she’s a Democrat

Since 1995, 77 percent of the more than $500,000 she’s given has gone to Republican candidates and causes, federal and state records show. […]

But state campaign finance records show that since 2009, when Bruce Rauner first contemplated and then rejected making a 2010 bid for governor, Diana Rauner made $238,150 in political donations, with 91 percent going to GOP candidates or conservative groups.

Among federal donations during that time frame, Diana Rauner gave $158,800 to candidates and committees, with 98 percent to Republicans. Several of the donations occurred when Bruce Rauner gave similar-size contributions to the same candidates.

* The Rauner campaign’s response

spokesman Mike Schrimpf said Diana Rauner “voted Democrat throughout the last decade and every time for Barack Obama” on the statewide ballot.

“If that doesn’t make you a Democrat, I don’t know what does,” Schrimpf said in a statement.

Except she didn’t vote in the 2012 primary, when Obama ran for reelection and she contributed to three GOP presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney. She also didn’t vote in the 2010 primary, the last time Gov. Pat Quinn faced voters.

Even more reasons that Bruce Rauner is NOT to be trusted or elected in November. 

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When I asked Scott Lively, the American evangelical pastor who travels the world and who takes credit for getting Russia’s “gay propaganda” law passed, to name five prominent non-religious Americans who, like him and other anti-gay evangelical leaders, use science to argue that homosexuality is harmful, he refused to answer.

“I’m not going to give you the names, because as soon as I give the name of any person you can target, you’re going to destroy their lives,” Lively, who has called homosexuality a “behavioral disorder,” claimed. “I’m not going to expose them to gay-bullying.”

Scott Lively Refuses To Name Prominent Non-Religious People Opposed To Homosexuality by SiriusXM News & Issues

Lively, who also inspired Uganda lawmakers to pass the notorious anti-homosexuality law, is now running for governor in Massachusetts, the state that was first in the nation with marriage equality, so that he can “advance a biblical world view in an arena that hasn’t heard that in a while.” Lively wants to see an end to gay marriage and desires to bring anti-sodomy laws back to the United States, and, expanding on his recent suggestion of a coming anti-gay “revolution” and “Christian revival,” said he believes the revolution will happen if the “conservative states…rebel against the federal supremacy clause.”

Scott Lively Discusses Influence On Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill by SiriusXM News & Issues

Lively, who spoke with me in an interview on SiriusXM Progress, said in one breath, “I support the right to privacy and think people should keep their sexual lifestyles and behaviors to themselves if they’re outside of the mainstream,” only to say minutes later that he supports sodomy laws because “it’s important to have laws regulating harmful sexual conduct, but I don’t believe it’s necessary to enforce them — unless there in a problem with them.”

Recently the subject of an exhaustive report by the Human Rights Campaign in which he was billed as “one of the most notorious exporters of hate,” Lively, a long-time crusader against LGBT rights, addressed the Ugandan parliament several years ago regarding what he saw as the dangers of homosexuality and inspired the anti-homosexuality bill. But he said he thinks Uganda went too far in penalizing homosexuality with life in prison. Lively said he’s “very disappointed” that Uganda “fell back into punitive sanctions,” explaining that he “was urging them to focus on therapy and prevention.”

But what if people don’t want to go into an “ex-gay” therapy program?

“Well then they would take whatever the other alternative is, which was probably going to jail,” he said.

Asked about his comments on a radio program in which he suggested President Obama is the “anti-Christ,” Lively laughed and denied saying anything of the kind.

“I did not say that Obama is the anti-Christ,” he flatly replied. But then when the tape was played for him, in which Lively talks of the anti-Christ being the leader of the “largest superpower in the world,” he revised his answer.

“No, no — that’s Obama,” he admitted, adding, “but the context of that show was laying out a hypothetical situation.”

Scott Lively Denies Calling Obama Anti-Christ And Gets Called Out On It bySiriusXM News & Issues

Lively, whose statements are regularly tracked by Right Wing Watch, recently said the country is sitting on a “powderkeg” and that “explosive” change is coming. He told me the Tea Party movement is an example of what’s to come.

"I think the Tea Party movement sort of is representative of the unhappiness in the population with this extreme leftist agenda that has been advancing at the expense of Christian culture for a long time,” he explained. "I’m just sort of looking out at the landscape and seeing the amount of anger that there is with the Obama administration and the totalitarian police state that is emerging and it’s just rolling over Christian values — not just Christian values but also conservative values."

And who does Scott Lively support for the 2016 presidential race?

“I’m not going to tell you,” he said at first. “I’m not going to do that. You’re just going to turn that into another basis to attack.”

But then he offered his favorite among the names that have been floated: the Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who last year compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.

“I just like the few things I’ve heard about him,” said Lively.

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Emails Show Republican Governor Used State Budget To Boost Profits For Family Member


On March 24, 2014, the Michigan Democratic Party released emails that show Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, along with his former budget director and current adviser, colluded to give a massive taxpayer funded subsidy to a member of the governor’s family.

Cousin George’s furniture business got a big boost in Rick Snyder’s budget.

Governor Rick Snyder’s CEO cousin, George Snyder’s business partners received more than $19 million dollars, after jotting off a quick email to cousin Rick, on April 29th, 2011. Since 2011, the share of the taxpayer budget going to George Snyder’s industry has ballooned to $41 million. What is George Snyder’s industry? Office furniture.

In a desperate attempt to make himself look presidential, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is claiming that Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War by busting U.S. unions.

According to the Washington Examiner, Gov. Walker said:

When Ronald Reagan took that action against the air traffic controllers, that in my mind was the beginning of the end of the Cold War. And the reason was, from that point forward nobody doubted how serious Ronald Reagan would be as president. Our allies knew that they could trust him, that he was rock solid. Our adversaries knew not to mess with him. And even though he presided over an incredible buildup in our nation’s national defense, in our military, we had very few, very limited military engagements during his eight years as president.

To me, if you have a strong America led by a strong president who makes serious statements about what they mean not only on national security and foreign policy, but on all other issues, we’re not going to be faced with many of these situations because people will know if they’re allies we can be counted on and if they’re adversaries not to mess with us. And when we have an America where … Prime Minister Netanyahu was in the White House getting the cold shoulder from the president who still can’t figure out exactly where they stand on Israel, and when you have… a red line in discussions about Syria which apparently (he) was never serious about doing anything about, no wonder, whether you were in Iran or Russia, or anywhere else around the world, no wonder people feel certain comfort taking action because they don’t see this administration as willing to act. I’m not necessarily encouraging that we draw red lines all over the place. My sense is just, you shouldn’t point a gun at somebody if you’re not prepared to shoot.

Gov. Walker (R-WI) envisions himself as a 2016 Republicans presidential candidate, and he thinks that he is ready to lead the free world, because he too, busts unions. Walker’s retelling of the Reagan myth is so far off base that it is absurd.

The Soviet Union did not watch Ronald Reagan bust the air traffic controllers union, and then decide to call it a day. Scott Walker has taken two unrelated events, lumped them together, and drawn a laughably illogical conclusion. As with all Republican presidential nominating contests real issues don’t matter. The whole process is nothing more than a showcase of who can talk the toughest.

Republicans love tough talk. They are addicted to it, but Scott Walker’s problem is that he has no foreign policy experience. In order to make himself look like a viable national contender in 2016, Walker had to invent the myth that Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War by busting American unions.

His argument was illogical, ridiculous, and it made no sense. It also perfectly sums up the crackpot conservatism that Scott Walker is using to destroy Wisconsin, while plotting a 2016 run for the White House.

Hopefully the citizens of Wisconsin boot out Koch Brothers/ALEC/union-busting toady and renegade corrupt thug Scott Walker in November. And his reign as President— if elected in 2016— will destroy our nation worse than Bush 43/Reagan ever did. 

h/t: Jason Easley at PoliticusUSA


Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich is busy running for reelection, but that hasn’t stopped his former Fox News colleagues from promoting him as a possible 2016 presidential candidate. Fox News has praised Kasich’s tenure as governor, and touted him as “a serious potential candidate for president” with a record that gives progressives “reason to fear.”

Kasich is the quintessential Fox News candidate, having used a perch at the network to profitably stay in the public eye between runs for public office. He joined Fox in 2001 after serving nine terms in Congress and left in 2009 to run for Ohio governor. He was a frequent presence on the network as a guest host for The O’Reilly Factor, and the host of the programs From The Heartland and Heroes.

Fox News treated Kasich to numerous softball interviews during his successful 2010 run. Sean Hannity told Kasich during one such interview: “You do me a favor. Go get elected governor” and “You can help us. Win the state of Ohio.” During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Kasich asked for donations while Fox News put his website address on-screen (which drew a complaint from the Democratic Governors Association).

Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign also received fundraising support from Fox News. Sean Hannity headlined a "high-dollar fund-raiser" for Kasich in October 2009. Mike Huckabee appeared at a 2009 Kasich campaign event. Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch and his then-wife contributed $20,000 to the campaign, and then-Fox News parent company News Corporation gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association, which helped elect Kasich.

Kasich has claimed he’s not interested in running for president in 2016, telling an Ohio reporter that he “tried to run for president back at the end of the ’90s and 2000 and no one was interested … Now, I’m not interested.” In his gubernatorial campaign, Kasich will likely face Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who has unsuccessfully askedKasich to sign a pledge promising to serve a full term if reelected.

A 2016 Kasich campaign has been a popular topic of conversation for Fox News. While the network frequently applauds Ohio’s economic performance during Kasich’s tenure, the state’s "rate of job growth was below the national average." 

Fox News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace: Kasich A “Serious Potential Candidate For President.”During his March 23 show, Wallace previewed Kasich’s segment by stating, “as the 2016 race for the White House heats up, one potential GOP candidate is counting his states’ economic turnaround.” Wallace later introduced Kasich by focusing on his presidential prospects:

WALLACE: With two years until the 2016 presidential election, there’s a lot of talk the strongest GOP nominee would be a governor from the Midwest. One possibility from the key electoral state of Ohio is making his state’s economic turnaround the basis for his re- election bid in November. Joining us now from Columbus, Ohio, Governor John Kasich and, governor, welcome back to Fox News Sunday.

Wallace’s first question to Kasich was about his tenure as Ohio governor, asking: “What is the secret to your success?” Wallace later asked Kasich about criticism from FitzGerald, including about whether he would pledge to serve his entire term (Kasich dodged the question).

While previewing his show on the March 20 broadcast of Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends, Wallace said Kasich has led a “big turnaround in the economy of Ohio” and he “really is a serious potential candidate for president in 2016 even though at this point he’s saying, ‘not interested.’”’s promotion of Kasich’s interview focused on Kasich and 2016:

Fox News Sunday exclusive

Fox VP Cavuto: George Soros “Has Reason To Fear You” In 2016. Fox News host and vice president Neil Cavuto told Kasich on the March 18 edition of Your World that he’s heard “reports” that financier (and Media Matters donor) George Soros “fears you the most of any prospective candidate.” Cavuto then listed Kasich’s “success” as governor, and said Soros “has reason to fear you.” At the end of the interview, Kasich told Cavuto, “you’re the best.” Op-Ed: “Why Progressive, George Soros Crowd Fears Run By Ohio Governor.” Republican strategist and lobbyist Van Hipp wrote a March 7 piece touting Kasich’s tenure as governor as a “shining example” of “why the free enterprise system works.” Hipp added: “The more I thought about it, the more I realized why the George Soros crowd fears Kasich the most. They can’t demonize him and use the same old worn out liberal playbook they’ve used against national GOP contenders in recent years.”

Fox News Contributors Tout Kasich As Contender. Kasich has been mentioned by Fox News personalities during discussions about 2016 presidential candidates. Sean Hannity said on January 21 that he wants a president big field with Kasich, among others. Contributor George Will said on February 16’s Fox News Sunday that the race will be decided in the Midwest and said “you have to get three more presidential candidates out of those states — Governors Kasich in Ohio, Snyder in Michigan and Walker in Wisconsin.” And contributor Karl Rove also mentioned Kasich as a potential candidate on the January 13 edition of The O’Reilly Factor.

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The Equal Pay laws being dismissed by Republicans around the country don’t just apply to women. They also apply to minorities.

Republican AG Greg Abbott is running for governor of Texas, and he’s been making sweet talk to the ladies of Texas about how he totally loves equal pay for them, while at the same time refusing to say if he would actually support a law that allowed them to sue if they were not being paid equally for the same work. The people had their suspicions, especially after Republican Governor Rick Perry vetoed the state Lilly Ledbetter Act that was passed by the Texas legislature (not exactly a bastion of progressive thought).

Finally Abbott was busted for paying the women in his Attorney General office less than men for the same work. Since he’s been running that office for 11 years, the policies are a pretty safe reflection of his values. So he had to admit that although he talked a good game, he really didn’t mean it when he whispered sweet promises of equal pay to get you ladies to lay down and vote for him. It was all a lie. He would also veto the equal pay law, just as Big Business required.

Speaking of sweet empty promises, it turns out that on average in this same Attorney General’s office Anglo assistant attorneys general earn “on average $77,740 in base salary, while minorities earn $72,214.” Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a big deal unless you are the person earning less just because… SKIN COLOR. Furthermore, “The highest, best-paid classification of assistant attorney general is comprised almost exclusively Anglos: of the 21 members, just one is a minority.”

Nolan Hicks exposed this pay disparity today in The San Antonio Express-News (subscription link):

Even as Texas grows increasingly diverse, Anglos continue to vastly outnumber minorities in key positions and earn more salary in the Texas attorney general’s office.

Anglo assistant attorneys general outnumber their minority counterparts by more than 3-1, an analysis by the San Antonio Express-News of payroll data from the attorney general’s office shows.

Additionally, they earn more than $5,500 more in base salary, on average, than do minority assistant attorneys general.

A spokesperson for Abbott’s AG office tried to rescue him from today’s truth by declaring that while the numbers tell another story, she’d like you to believe that these salary decisions are based on each person (the logical and only conclusion from this statement is that minorities on average somehow lack things that Anglos have, other than the color of their skin). Lauren Bean huffed in a statement noted by The San Antonio Express-News, “Salary decisions are based on each individual attorney’s experience and qualifications – any assertion otherwise is baseless and irresponsible.”

Yes, hush up your baseless and irresponsible people noting statistical averages and asking questions! The Texas Republican finds your questions baseless and irresponsible. So there.

Now we just wait for the other shoe to drop on Abbott’s fantasy world, which clearly does not include women or minorities. In Abbott’s world, no one ever asks him why his policies are a bend over for big business and benefit white men– a category he fits into.

If the office were run by a Hispanic woman who paid other Hispanic women higher than white men with the same qualifications, Fox News would be running an endless scream fest about how white men are being targeted in Texas. But since it’s just minorities and women, who are supposed to know where they belong, well, this questioning is “irresponsible”. Only white men have the privilege of outrage, apparently, and indeed of questioning the practices and policies of say the IRS, for example.

I give you the shrinking Republican tent that may turn Texas blue on day in the not too distant future.

The question is really if Republicans like Greg Abbott aren’t discriminating in their own Attorney General’s office, than what do they have against allowing a minority or a woman the right to seek legal remedy longer than 180 days after their first paycheck? Greg Abbott should borrow a line from Cheryl Crowfor his rallies, “Lie to me, I promise I’ll believe.”

Republicans keep saying they love women and minorities, but yet their policies and laws benefit big business and hurt women and minorities.

This might explain why Democratic opponent State Senator Wendy Davis is surging from her double digit lag to a single digit lag. Greg Abbott better get it together and soon.

h/t: Sarah Jones at PoliticusUSA

Pat Quinn/Paul Vallas or Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti?  

Rauner is out of touch for Illinois, vote Quinn!!!

Mitt Romney/Scott Walker/Nikki Haley-wannabe Bruce Rauner is going to lose big time to Quinn in November. 

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Madison County Sheriff: