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Right-wing newspaper publisher John Foreman is a total misogynist

John Foreman, the publisher of The News-Gazette, the local right-wing rag in Champaign-Urbana, went on C-U right-wing talk radio station WDWS-AM (which is owned by The News-Gazette) and delivered this sexist screed about Democratic nominee Ann Callis’s campaign in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois:

I think her message is not gelling because she doesn’t want her message to gel. I believe Ann Callis is making an effort to run for office and say as little as possible about what she would be or do. She’s making the point that she was a judge, that’s very admirable. She’s a very telegenic, attractive, lady who we saw a lot of her face in advertising. She’s the mother of a young man currently on active duty. Apart from that, relatively very few voters can tell you anything about Ann Callis, at least in this part of the district. And I think that’s the way she wants it to be. If she can stick to that, vote for me because of these things, she will.

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With Mike Rogers retiring, this seat [MI-08] goes to tossup. 

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Hopefully Ann Callis wins in November and tosses Rodney Davis out. 

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Madison County Sheriff:  


IL-13: Take a Democratic Ballot, and vote for Ann Callis. 

IL-Sen: Vote for Dick Durbin. 

Madison County Sheriff: Take a Democratic Ballot and vote for John Lakin.

Nameoki 5 Precinct Committeeman: Vote for me. 

Vote for Ann Callis tomorrow if you live in IL-13! 

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In the special to replace the deceased GOP Congressman C.W. Bill Young, David Jolly (R) wins the special as Alex Sink blows it again for The Donkeys.

Hopefully Jolly loses in November, as Rick Scott will hurt the GOPers there downballot. 


It’s game day in Florida

Hopefully Alex Sink wins tonight.

IL-13 residents should vote for Ann Callis on March 18th in the Democratic Primary and the General in November. 

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Hopefully Ann Callis wins the seat for us. 

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Virginia Republican state delegate Bob Marshall is preparing a bid for the House seat currently held by retiring Rep. Frank Wolf, according to a Virginia-based conservative blog. This would set up a challenge to fellow right-wing state delegate and former Clinton-hunter Barbara Comstock.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Marshall, here is a quick refresher on some of his most extreme positions:

1. Disabled Children Are God’s Punishment For Abortion

At a 2010 press conference attacking Planned Parenthood, Marshall said that “the number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically” because “when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children.” He called disabled children a “special punishment” from God on women who have had abortions.

It is no wonder that Marshall sponsored a personhood bill that would ban abortion in call cases along with some forms of birth control, one of several bills he proposed that would curtail abortion rights and contraception coverage.

2. Ban Gay Service Members From The National Guard

Marshall reacted to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by proposing legislation to prohibit “active homosexuals” from serving in the Virginia National Guard, warning that the end of the anti-gay ban would “jeopardize our alliances,” ruin the military and possibly lead to a military draft. Marshall said that if he were in the military he wouldn’t trust gay service members because they might give him a sexually transmitted infection or harass him: “It’s a distraction when I’m on the battlefield and I have to concentrate on the guy 600 yards away, am I worrying about this guy whose got eyes on me?”

3. Anti-Gay Crusade

Marshall has staunchly defended of Virginia’s unconstitutional sodomy law, successfully pushed to block the appointment of an openly gay judge and attempted to stop the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank from flying a rainbow flag, warning that LGBT equality “undermines the American economy.”

He also complained that anti-gay activists are being treated in the same way as Dred Scott.

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Democratic attorney and activist Sandra Fluke has decided against running for retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman’s congressional seat, instead planning a bid for the state Senate.

“I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I have received since I announced that I was considering running for office. My entire career has been devoted to the public interest, whether representing victims of human trafficking or advocating for working families,” Fluke said late Tuesday night. “I am committed to continuing that fight in Sacramento, working to protect our environment, ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs that are desperately needed. While I strongly considered offering my candidacy for Congress, I feel there is a better way for me to advance the causes that are important to our community.”



Fluke said she plans to run for the state Senate seat currently held by Ted Lieu, who is running for Waxman’s congressional seat.

“I believe that the families and communities of this district — from West Hollywood to West L.A. and from Santa Monica to Torrance and beyond — deserve to have a fresh perspective from a new generation of progressive leadership in Sacramento, and I am eager to get to work fighting for the causes that matter most to our future as a community, state and nation,” Fluke said.

Fluke’s decision not to seek the congressional seat immediately alters the contours of that race. In addition to Lieu, the other Democrat in the race for Waxman’s seat is former city controller Wendy Greuel. Political strategists had questioned whether Fluke and Greuel would attract the same set of voters.

Dear Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives who ruthlessly mocked her, get used to seeing her known as State Senator Fluke.