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h/t: Daniel Strauss at TPM

In a letter to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for an investigation into whether Mitch McConnell used official government resources to solicit contributions to his reelection campaign.

The letter reads in part:


Mitch McConnell is no stranger to unethical behavior. In 2013,CREW summed up McConnell’s ethical issues, “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is a five-term senator from Kentucky. His ethics issues stem from his possible use of Senate staff and resources to conduct opposition research for his campaign. He was included in CREW’s 2007, 2008, and 2009 reports on congressional corruption for unrelated matters.”

Kentucky Republicans launched their own complaint against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes with the FEC that accused her of renting her campaign bus from her father at a below market rate. If this is true, the bus would be an illegal campaign gift.

Selling access to the Senate Dining Room is felonious degree of corruption. The fact that Republicans can only answer this serious charge by talking about a bus demonstrates the severity of the potential offense. None of this will be settled before Election Day, but it is extremely doubtful that the Senate Ethic Committee will get involved before November.

The Kentucky Senate race has gotten very ugly. Mitch McConnell has been corrupt for decades, but he has become so safe in his incumbency that he confidently flaunts his crimes out in the open. Republicans call President Obama a dictator and a king. They talk about impeachment for fantasy offenses, but it is their own Senate leader who is abusing his office and public resources to stay in power.

Instead of measuring the drapes in the Majority Leader’s office, Sen. McConnell deserves to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

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h/t: Daniel Strauss at TPM

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Fox News Runs Hour-Long Free Campaign Ad For Scott Brown

Have you noticed that Obamacare hasn’t been the big campaign boost wingers were hoping for? Like it or not, it’s not 2010 all over again, at least not with Obamacare leading their wave midterms.

It turns out people actually like Obamacare as long as you don’t call it that. Don’t call it the Affordable Care Act, either. But if you ask them about whether they like getting health insurance at subsidized rates, you get overwhelming approval. Ask them about whether they’re glad there are no more pre-existing conditions exclusions and they like that too.

That sad fact of life means Scott Brown’s entire reason for running for office in New Hampshire is a solid bust. Polling has him way behind Jeanne Shaheen, Tea Party groups aren’t really active in New Hampshire, and he’s on his way to remaining a former Senator from Massachusetts.

But wait! There’s a knight in shining armor out there. Roger Ailes, realizing Brown is probably doomed, called for an hour-long special on Obamacare, featuring…New Hampshire! No mere coincidence, that.

Fox News basically handed Scott Brown an hour-long free TV ad, not to mention all the promos their hosts had to do pimping the special.

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At 11:03 PM the race was called by the Associated Press for Roberts, who had been polling well-ahead of Wolf in the leadup to Tuesday’s primary. With 71.4 percent reporting Roberts beat Wolf 48.1 percent to 41 percent.

Wolf’s defeat means the tea party wing of the GOP and the deep pocketed outside groups that support tea party candidates suffered another loss in the 2014 Republican primaries between a conservative challenger and an establishment incumbent.

Wolf was the favorite of conservative outside groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund but Roberts also had help from powerful political action committees sponsored by the National Rifle Association, the American Hospital Association, and the American College of Radiology Association, spent $337,000 on ads and positive messaging to boost Roberts, according to the Center for Public Integrity (CPI).

Meanwhile, a significant chunk of the advertising for Wolf by his friendly outside groups went to negative advertising. Of the $809,000 those groups spent collectively on Wolf, 73 percent of that ($588,000), went to attacks against Roberts, federal records analyzed by CPI show. Spending from Senate Conservatives Action, the super PAC arm of the Senate Conservatives Fund, accounted for $499,000 worth of the negative advertising attacking Roberts in order to help Wolf, according federal records analyzed by CPI.

The race, for Roberts, wasn’t without a few bumps. Especially the added attention Roberts faced after The New York Times reported that Roberts didn’t actually have a residence in Kansas and, when he needs an address in the state, uses one of a residence owned supporters. Roberts alsofaced questions about how much time he spent in the state.

But the race wasn’t a cakewalk for Wolf either. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the primary was when news broke that Wolf, a distant cousin of President Barack Obama and a radiologist,posted graphic images of deceased patients on his Facebook. Wolf later said he did that as a way of coping with the tragedy he saw as a doctor.

Source: Daniel Strauss for Talking Points Memo


The ad oversimplifies McConnell’s complicated history with VAWA, one in which he has voted against final passage and reauthorization of the act, as TPM reported last year during a less high-profile dustup in the Kentucky Senate race.

Chao’s assertion that McConnell cosponsored the original VAWA is accurate — he did so in 1991. But when the act came up for a vote in 1993, McConnell was no longer a cosponsor, and hevoted against the final legislation.

In 2005, the legislation was reauthorized by a voice vote in the Senate. Then in 2012, McConnellvoted against a Senate-approved bipartisan version of VAWA which stalled in the House. In 2013, a similar bill to renew and expand VAWA passed the Senate with 78 votes; McConnell was one of 22 senators to vote against it. That version was eventually taken up and passed by the Republican-controlled House and signed into law.

That’s the basis for which Grimes’ recent attack ad claims McConnell voted “two times against the Violence Against Women Act.”

Chao asserts that McConnell has “always supported [VAWA’s] purpose” and “voted for even stronger protections.”

The latter claim is debatable. In 2012, McConnell supported a scaled-back VAWA alternativepushed by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). It largely renewed the expiring programs but omitted protections for LGBT women, Native Americans and undocumented immigrants who suffered from domestic abuse. At the time, Republicans hardly sought to argue that their bill included “stronger protections” for women — they instead said the tribal jurisdiction provisions in the bipartisan VAWA proposal were unconstitutional.

The Grimes campaign blasted the new ad in a statement on Tuesday. “Simply saying, ‘I’m married to a woman’ doesn’t speak loud enough. Your actions and record over 30 years in Washington indicate where and how you will stand up for women,” said Grimes spokeswoman Charly Norton.

The new McConnell ad is an attempt to defend against relentless attacks by Grimes, the U.S. Senate nominee from Kentucky, portraying the longtime incumbent as anti-woman. A large part of the Grimes assault involves the Violence Against Women Act, a federal law to fund programs to combat domestic abuse. It isn’t the first time the McConnell campaign has been defensive over VAWA.

"Alison, supporting the Obama agenda isn’t pro-woman," Chao says in the ad. "It’s anti-Kentucky."

The Kentucky Senate race is neck and neck. McConnell is ahead by just 1 percentage point, according to the TPM PollTracker average.

Source: Sahil Kapur for Talking Points Memo

h/t: Jason Easley at PoliticusUSA