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Yet more proof the obstructionist duncebuckets in the Republican Party and the policies they champion are bad for America’s morale. 
They’d rather pander to the far-right whackos than use common sense, and that’s a crying shame.  

h/t: Alan Fram at AP, via Yahoo! News


Sen. King Has Had It With Torture-lover Dick Cheney, Offers To Waterboard Him 'Hundreds' Of Times

Dick Cheney has defended torture techniques so many times that a frustrated U.S. senator has finally offered to waterboard the former vice president.

"The accusations are not true," Cheney told college television station ATV last week. “Some people called it torture. It wasn’t torture.”

"If I would have to do it all over again, I would," he insisted. "The results speak for themselves.”

A report that has been completed by the Senate Intelligence Committee, however, has found that the CIA misled the government and misstated the effectiveness of the so-called enhanced interrogation program. The report concluded that the CIA lied when it said it had gotten “otherwise unobtainable intelligence that helped disrupt terrorist plots and save thousands of lives.”

Sen. Angus King, who is on the intelligence committee, (I-ME) reacted to Cheney’s comments during a Sunday appearance on MSNBC.

"I was stunned to hear that quote from Vice President Cheney," King explained. "If he doesn’t think that was torture, I would invite him anywhere in the United States to sit in a waterboard and go through what those people went through, one of them a hundred and plus-odd times."

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Maine’s Independent Senator-Elect Angus King will caucus with the Democrats, he announced Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill. King cited the 2012 election as a driver of his decision, that joining the Democratic majority in the Senate “makes the decision easier.”   

h/t: Kyle Leighton at TPM

Florida: Senate:




Angus King, the independent former governor who is running for Maine’s open Senate seat, won’t say which party he will caucus with until after he’s elected in November, reports USA Today. In an interview, King said, “I don’t answer that question because I don’t know.”

I bet he caucuses with the Democrats.

h/t: TPM LiveWire

(CNN) - Angus King, the former independent governor of Maine, jumped into the race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe Monday, telling a crowd a Brunswick, Maine he would help America’s economy return to solvency.

“This country’s got some real serious problems,” King told a crowd at Bowdoin College, where he is a lecturer. “Putting people back to work the very first one, and numbers don’t tell the whole story.”

King served as Maine’s governor from 1995-2003, and was one of the nation’s only governors not affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic Parties. His speech Monday struck a note of defiance against partisan politics gripping Washington, noting the gridlock was the reason Snowe decided to step down.

“It doesn’t have to be the way it is today,” King said. “It has not always operated like that. Now it’s about politics and getting ready for the next election. And you know what, instead of solving our nation’s problems, the best they could do was drive out an extraordinary woman, and that’s wrong.”

H/T: CNN Political Ticker