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The Arizona Capitol Times reported Monday that Scott Fistler, who launched a failed write-in campaign as a Republican against Rep. Ed Pastor (D-AZ) in 2012, successfully petitioned an Arizona superior court last November to change his legal name to Cesar Chavez. Chavez also became a Democrat earlier this year before filing to run for the congressional seat being vacated by Pastor, who is retiring.

Reached for comment by the Capitol Times, Chavez said he had been “flooded with calls and emails” and was no longer speaking to the press. He also told the newspaper that if he did decide to answer its questions, he would not discuss the name change.

“There is just simply not enough Cesar Chavez to go around,” he wrote, as quoted by the Capitol Times. “We may resume questions starting May 10 [sic].”

The candidate formerly known as Scott Fistler also prominently displayed photos on his website of crowds carrying signs and wearing T-shirts with the name “Chavez.” But the photos, as the Capitol Times pointed out, were actually of Venezuelans rallying for deceased former President Hugo Chavez.


The State Democratic Party finds Chavez’s candidacy fishy. The Capitol Times reported that voter records show Chavez became a Democrat on April 28, even though he filed to run for Congress as a Democrat in February. DJ Quinlan, the state’s Democratic Party chair, told the Capitol Times that the Party’s legal team was determining whether to bring a challenge against Chavez.

“He’s either trying to make a mockery of the system, or of Democrats, or of the Hispanic community,” Arizona Democratic Party Chairman DJ Quinlan told the Capitol Times.

Images via Tea Party Cheer, Cesar Chavez for Congress in 2014.

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Arpaio will make Arizona worse if elected to Gov. 

America’s #1 Racist Sheriff will make Governors Jan Brewer and Evan Mecham look sane by comparison.

Frankly, he belongs in jail (in a jumpsuit) for his heinous crimes committed while running the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

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Arizona has avoided another Evan Mecham scenario.

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Do you recall the story Glenn Beck told a few years back when he traveled to New York City and he was treated badly when he dined in several restaurants and then treated even worse on his flight back to Texas?

Beck railed about it on his program the following week, repeatedly complaining that he was treated “as a subhuman,” stating that he “just wanted to be treated as a human” who was worthy of dignity and respect:

I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren’t racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn’t spend the money that we don’t have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty. I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it. I’m sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way.

Given that experience, you’d think that he would be opposed to the Arizona legislation that would allow business to discriminate against gay customers (or anyone else, for that matter) in the name of “religious liberty,” would you not?

Well, you’d be wrong, as he voiced his support for it during yesterday’s morning meeting, saying that while he doesn’t necessarily like it, he doesn’t see anything hateful about it.

"I don’t like that world," Beck said, "where everybody is able to say ‘I’m not going to serve your kind’ but that’s freedom. That’s freedom. Freedom is ugly."

That’s not surprising coming from Lonesome Rhodes Beck, as fellow TheBlaze employee (and top fill-in for Beck) Dana Loesch supports Arizona’s SB1062.

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Arizonians—-> Learn more about this controversial bill here and then take action!

Last week, the Arizona legislature passed a bill that would allow businesses to legally discriminate against gay customers in the name of “religious liberty.”

Predictably, Bryan Fischer has come out strongly in support of the law on the grounds that gay activists are “jack-booted homofascist thugs” who are trying to force Christian business owners to engage in sin.

"They are jack-booted homofascist thugs," Fischer said ”who want to use the totalitarian and tyrannical power of the state to send men of faith to jail. That sounds far more like Nazi Germany than the United States of America.”

From the 02.24.2014 edition of AFR’s Focal Point

The “jack-booted thugs” are people like you, Mr. Fischer, and not the LGBTQ community. 

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