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Arpaio will make Arizona worse if elected to Gov. 

America’s #1 Racist Sheriff will make Governors Jan Brewer and Evan Mecham look sane by comparison.

Frankly, he belongs in jail (in a jumpsuit) for his heinous crimes committed while running the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

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Arizona has avoided another Evan Mecham scenario.

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Do you recall the story Glenn Beck told a few years back when he traveled to New York City and he was treated badly when he dined in several restaurants and then treated even worse on his flight back to Texas?

Beck railed about it on his program the following week, repeatedly complaining that he was treated “as a subhuman,” stating that he “just wanted to be treated as a human” who was worthy of dignity and respect:

I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren’t racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn’t spend the money that we don’t have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty. I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it. I’m sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way.

Given that experience, you’d think that he would be opposed to the Arizona legislation that would allow business to discriminate against gay customers (or anyone else, for that matter) in the name of “religious liberty,” would you not?

Well, you’d be wrong, as he voiced his support for it during yesterday’s morning meeting, saying that while he doesn’t necessarily like it, he doesn’t see anything hateful about it.

"I don’t like that world," Beck said, "where everybody is able to say ‘I’m not going to serve your kind’ but that’s freedom. That’s freedom. Freedom is ugly."

That’s not surprising coming from Lonesome Rhodes Beck, as fellow TheBlaze employee (and top fill-in for Beck) Dana Loesch supports Arizona’s SB1062.

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Arizonians—-> Learn more about this controversial bill here and then take action!

Last week, the Arizona legislature passed a bill that would allow businesses to legally discriminate against gay customers in the name of “religious liberty.”

Predictably, Bryan Fischer has come out strongly in support of the law on the grounds that gay activists are “jack-booted homofascist thugs” who are trying to force Christian business owners to engage in sin.

"They are jack-booted homofascist thugs," Fischer said ”who want to use the totalitarian and tyrannical power of the state to send men of faith to jail. That sounds far more like Nazi Germany than the United States of America.”

From the 02.24.2014 edition of AFR’s Focal Point

The “jack-booted thugs” are people like you, Mr. Fischer, and not the LGBTQ community. 

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An Arizona republican, Carl Seel, recently introduced legislation that would make it a crime for a ‘person in the state illegally’ to use any public resource or facility. This would include sidewalks, roads, parks and yes, even public restrooms.

 House Bill 2192 would make a crime to do anything, without proof of citizenship.

The 22 lines Seel wrote as part of AZ House Bill 2192 (2014) would allow the state to charge any person found to be ‘unlawfully using public resources,’ with a misdemeanor crime, for a first offense. A second offense would result in felony charges. The bill would also allow the state to seize cars found to be driven on a public road, by a person deemed to be ’not lawfully present’ in the state of AZ.

But why stop there? Seel’s proposed legislation would throw out those pesky little rights of the accused, namely, the right to present a defense. Seel’s addition to HB 2192 reads:

 “Any record that relates to the immigration status or illegal presence of a person in this state is admissible in any court without further foundation or testimony from a custodian of records if the record is certified as authentic by the government agency that is responsible for maintaining the record.”

While it’s hard to get an estimate of how many mistakes are made by the US Office of Customs and Immigration, the agency itself admits to systemic problems, which can involve errors, lost paperwork, lengthy delays and more. These kinds of problems are common in the immigration process.

Seel’s bill would allow any record from a recognized agency to be presented in court, and taken at face value. It would eliminate the rights of the accused to show more recent records which could prove  citizenship or show case history.

 The bill conflicts with US law.

Seel also wants to make sure that the children of immigrants don’t get an education, even though that idea is contrary to federal law. The language of the bill specifies that the ‘unlawful use of public resources’ would include:

 “driving on a public road or highway, accepting any public benefit, attending a public school or using the services of any public entity in this state.”

Seel was involved in drafting Arizona’s controversial HB 1070 , which was another attempt to bring back racial profiling. Parts of that law were struck down in federal court, where it was determined that states have a limited role to play in immigration policy and enforcement.

That ruling didn’t seem to dissuade Seel in the least. The new bill would allow citizens who don’t fit the stereotypical picture of white America, to be stopped in parks, hospitals and schools, not  to mention while they are trying to use the bathroom. It would also make it a crime to drive a car or take a bus. And forget about walking, since using a public sidewalk would also be a crime.

Seel says that the law would only apply to those who have “had their day in court.”

Do AZ police have special powers that allow them to be able tell who has had their day in court, just by seeing that person on a sidewalk or in a park? Of course they don’t. Which means that if you happen to look like a person who has ‘had their day in court’, you can be stopped by the police.

Will the GOP ever stop legislating hate?

While federal courts have routinely struck down state laws that violate or extend beyond the scope of federal law, some AZ lawmakers are still set on drafting laws from a perspective of hate.

Republicans are always looking for the scapegoat, a group on which they can lay the blame for their failed policies. Whether it’s the immigrant or the black guy, the low income senior citizen or the struggling single mother, the desire to find the weakest member of society and then lay the blame for economic problems, high unemployment rates, poverty, injustice, not to mention storms and mud slides, is irresistible. It’s always the fault of the “other.” And the “other” always turns out to be the person that has the least amount of power and the fewest number of resources, making them the easiest target for bullying and blaming.

As long as members of the GOP voting base allow themselves to be manipulated into hating, maligning, mistreating, stereotyping and blaming the current “guilty party,” we’ll keep seeing politicians like Seel in positions of power. We’ll also keep seeing bills like Seel’s horrific HB 2192 introduced, and even passed in red states like Arizona and Alabama. We’ll keep wasting millions of taxpayer dollars challenging unconstitutional laws all the way to the Supreme Court, where they’ll be thrown out or altered, to look like laws that belong in the US, not Russia or Iran.

In 2011, Arizona voters recalled the author of the state’s anti-immigrant HB 1070, Russell Pearce. President of the Arizona Senate, some claim that Pearce was the most powerful politician in the state. Arizona voters who are tired of watching their elected officials scapegoat a vulnerable segment of the population, might want to consider going after Seel next.


The Arizona Republican Party has formally censured Sen. John McCain, citing a voting record that they say is insufficiently conservative.

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