Former President Bill Clinton (D), the guy whose reign put the shameful DADT and DOMA  laws into effect in the 1990s, has come out in favor of IL SB10.

Former President Bill Clinton is weighing in on Illinois’ same-sex marriage debate, calling on lawmakers to pass it and even invoking the state’s favorite son in the argument.

“Since the days of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois has stood for the proposition that all citizens should be treated equally under the law,” Clinton says in the statement, which has been publicized through Capitol Fax and other Illinois news and Internet outlets.

Clinton has more recently said he regrets signing the bill.

Thankfully, the Big Dog has come around and admitted that signing DOMA was a bad mistake, as was DADT.

Also to note, former State Senator, ex-US Senator, and current President Barack Obama (D) has endorsed the bill and likely would’ve voted yes on the bill if he were still in the Illinois Senate.


President Obama would support Illinois’s same-sex marriage bill if he were still serving in the legislature there, the White House said Tuesday.

"Were the president still in the Illinois State Legislature, he would support this measure that would treat all Illinois couples equally," spokesman Shin Inouye said in response to a question from POLITICO. Obama’s support for the bill comes after former President Bill Clinton endorsed it earlier Tuesday.

The President has previously urged legislators in Illinois to pass such a bill since even before this current term began.