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Oh cry me a frickin’ river, Benny.

This is one of the things that makes me crazy about the conservative punditry is how incredibly thin-skinned they are. They can be as dismissive and mean as they want to be but give them a little bit of their own medicine and suddenly the WATB cries come out.

Ben Ferguson keeps perpetuating the completely unsubstantiated myth of the liberal media by pointing to the singular cable channel of MSNBC. Proof, the hair helmet of conservatism insists, of their hostility to conservatives is that they usually book them at a three (liberals) to one (conservative) ratio, keep interrupting them and aren’t interested in a real debate.

Wait…what? That doesn’t sound like MSNBC’s format, which usually goes with the Left/Right paradigm and invites two guests per segment. That sounds suspiciously like the Sunday show roundtables, if anything. Sally Kohn doesn’t see anything different from that as her experiences as the designated lefty on Fox News, where the ratio got as out of hand as 15 to one.

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Piers Morgan: Planning to end CNN primetime show

Piers Morgan told the New York Times that he and CNN have decided to pull the plug on “Piers Morgan Live,” probably in March. 

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he said, adding that although there had been times when the show connected in terms of audience, slow news days were problematic.

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” he said. “That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.”

Morgan said he and CNN are in discussions about him remaining at the network in a different role. 

Photo: Piers Morgan in 2011. (Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times)





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Last year, NPR media reporter David Folkenflik revealed in his book on Rupert Murdoch that the Fox News PR department created an elaborate series of fake commenter accounts to write “pro-Fox rants” in the comments sections of articles other outlets published about the network. 

According to a new biography of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, the network’s online subterfuge went even further.

In The Loudest Voice in the Room, New York magazine journalist Gabriel Sherman reports that Roger Ailes was behind the creation of a blog called “The Cable Game” (TCG), which was used to attack Fox rivals like CNN and critics like Media Matters founder David Brock. According to Sherman, Ailes tapped Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton — who worked with Ailes on the 1988 George H.W. Bush presidential campaign and was later chosen to co-author Ailes’ now-abandoned autobiography — to help write the posts.

Media Matters review of TCG — which became defunct more than a year ago but is still partially available through the Internet Archive — finds laughably over-the-top praise of Ailes and other Fox personalities alongside vicious, often petty attacks on Fox rivals and perceived enemies. The blog’s criticism frequently echoed Fox’s own public attacks.

TCG regularly featured inside baseball content about the media that went far beyond what the casual media observer would know, much less care about. The blog cited sources inside Fox News, which it used to rebut criticism of the network. TCG was written under the pseudonym “The Cable Gamer,” and posts claimed the author was a woman.

The site was promoted on Fox News in at least four separate instances: three times by Pinkerton and once by Bill O’Reilly. Pinkerton gratuitously promoted the site on Fox News Watch on July 16, 2005 — a major promotion for an anonymous blog that had launched less than two weeks prior (July 8, 2005, with a post that asked, “is anyone cooler than Brit Hume?”). 

Roger Ailes Set Up Anonymous Blog “The Cable Game”

From Sherman’s book:

Shut out of the partisan cage match, CNN flailed, and Ailes pressed his advantage. He set up an anonymous blog called The Cable Game that took shots at his rivals. Ailes assigned Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton to write the entries. “The Cable Game was Roger’s creation,” one person close to Ailes said. ”Is CNN on the Side of the Killers and Terrorists in Iraq?” one headline read. “David Brock Gets Caught! (Although Secretly, He Probably Loves Being Naughty and Nasty),” blared another. The item’s text was accompanied by a photo of Brock posing in a skin-tight tank top with Congressman Barney Frank. “Media Matters, of course, is the notoriously left-wing hit group, founded by that flamboyantly self-hating conservative apostate, David Brock,” it said. “Brock has that rare distinction of being accused of being dishonest by both liberals and conservatives alike. But don’t take my word for it: Here’s what you get if you type ‘David Brock liar’ on Google: 168,000 hits.” CNN chief Jon Klein saw Ailes’s hand behind the articles. He called Ailes and blamed Fox for posting anonymous online gossip that outed the sexual orientation of CNN’s prime-time anchor, Anderson Cooper. Ailes denied any role. (Cooper wouldn’t announce he was gay until July 2012.) [The Loudest Voice in the Room, pg 339-340]

Sherman adds in his notes that he interviewed “a person familiar with the matter” about the blog, and “Pinkerton did not respond to requests for comment.” 

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In his new biography of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, New York magazine writer Gabriel Sherman reports that Ailes unsuccessfully tried to recruit Rush Limbaugh to host a show on the network.

Sherman explains that when Fox’s ratings dominance started to show signs of slipping in 2006 surrounding the GOP’s drubbing in that year’s midterm elections, Ailes reportedly tried to convince Limbaugh to start his own Fox show: 

For almost a decade, Ailes had played a role in driving the news; now he was captive to it, with few apparent options to reverse the ratings trend, and at Fox there were incipient signs of panic. “We had the concern that the slide could turn into a freefall,” a producer said. Ailes’s plans to turn the ship around were running aground. He made an aggressive bid to convince his old friend Rush Limbaugh to come to Fox. Limbaugh turned him down flat. “Rush was kind of laughing at the whole thing,” a Limbaugh friend who spoke with him during the talks recalled. “He said, ‘Roger is really trying to get me to come back.’ And Rush was like, ‘Why would I do this?’” [The Loudest Voice in the Room, pg 312]

Ailes had previously served as the executive producer of Limbaugh’s syndicated TV show in the 90s.

According to Sherman, Fox wasn’t the only network to pursue Limbaugh in a desperate bid to save flagging ratings. Sherman writes that in 2001, concerned with Fox’s ascendancy, then-CNN chief Walter Isaacson tried to tack the network to the right, including by courting Limbaugh:

Both CNN and MSNBC were under pressure from their corporate parents to catch up to Fox. An obvious strategy was to become more conservative. In the summer of 2001, CNN chief Walter Isaacon courted Republicans. He traveled to Washington for private meetings with Senate majority leader Trent Lott and House speaker Dennis Hastert. He also wooed Rush Limbaugh and offered him a show. [The Loudest Voice in the Room, pg276-277]

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…. The big news out of Washington this morning: Ezra Klein, the famous Washington Post columnist and ‘Wonkblog’ editor, is seeking investors for an expanded Wonkblog-like website after failing to win internal support from his own paper, according to a New York Times report: ….

I’m okay as long as he gets that going and stays as a correspondent for MSNBC.

Excerpt between paired sets of four periods.  Click on link embedded in title above for full report.

I bet Joy Reid (or a promotion for Karen Finney) may be the replacement for Martin Bashir. 


Maria Bartiromo, one of the first women to become a star on television by reporting on business news, is leaving her longtime home at CNBC for its rival, the Fox Business Network.


The signing is a coup of sorts for Fox Business, which has struggled to establish a profile. Last week, Fox Business averaged fewer than 10,000 viewers in the group that attracts advertisers, those between the ages of 25 and 54. CNBC had more than three times as many with 31,000.

Ms. Bartiromo, who was the first correspondent to report live every day from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, was among the best-known faces on CNBC. She also has a connection to Roger Ailes, the Fox News chairman, who also leads Fox Business. He was in charge of CNBC in 1993 when Ms. Bartiromo joined that network.

FBN, even with Bartiromo’s hiring, is still a joke of a “business” network, and is still to the right of CNBC (a network that is nothing close to being liberal despite certain conservatrolls declaring it otherwise b/c of NBCUniversal’s ownership). 


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Cable news gave deadly Nevada school shooting less attention than the new iPad.

St. Louis’ Queen of Hate Dana Loesch (who was a regular fill-in for Beck) has joined TheBlazeTV as a host and contributor to that station. She is expected to continue her duties as the host of KFTK’s The Dana Show and be the top sub for Glenn Beck. 
Conservative radio host Dana Loesch is joining Glenn Beck’s network TheBlaze as a host and contributor, POLITICO has learned. 
Loesch, who also broadcasts a radio show based in St. Louis, Mo., will contribute across the network and She’ll also continue to serve as a fill-in host for Beck on his radio program and TheBlaze TV show.
NOTE: In St. Louis, Glenn Beck’s radio show, The Glenn Beck Radio Program, airs on KFTK at 9AM CDT, before The Dana Show at Noon CDT.
Here are some of her greatest TheBlazeTV-related hits, as she’ll fit right in to Beck’s loony tunes channel:
Yet another edition of Dana Loesch being insanely stupid… this time, it’s her defense of murderer George Zimmerman, who was unfairly acquitted by the court in Florida on July 13th, 2013.  
Per Dana The Devil’s usage of “outrage queens,” she’s referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who both have done far more good for the nation than she ever would do in her lifetime.

Firstly on Beck’s radio program (whose show airs before The Dana Show on KFTK), she criticized GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney for NOT repeating the baseless conspiracy she and Bachmann, to name a few Islamophobes, falsely claim that “Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating our government.”
Later in the day, on Glenn Beck’s TV program, she falsely declared that “your religious freedoms are under attack, as of August 1st.”
Looks like Teahadist Dana Loesch has casted her lot with Glenn Beck in order to get even more prominence nationally, maybe as a fill-in for Glenn Beck.
The Conservative-leaning blog Little Green Footballs called Beck and Loesch “nuts.”
Sure enough, Loesch and Beck are allied.