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She’s so cray-cray.

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From the 03.13.2014 edition of TruNews:

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On today’s radio broadcast, Bryan Fischer unveiled a new conspiracy theory alleging that the FCC would soon start rescinding the broadcasting licenses held by Religious Right broadcasters on the grounds that they were promoting “hate speech” by publicly opposing “the normalization of homosexual behavior.”

The way Fischer sees it, anti-gay activists who use their radio broadcasts to say that homosexuality ought to be discouraged and made illegal because “it’s immoral, it’s unhealthy, it’s unnatural” will be accused of spreading hate speech for merely telling the truth.

When that happens, the government will side with gay activists, Fischer warned, and classify their views as hate speech, declaring that the public airways cannot be used to promote hate crimes, which will then justify a move by the FCC to “yank the license of any radio station that dares to criticize the normalization of homosexual behavior.”

From the 02.18.2014 edition of AFR’s Focal Point:

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Fox News will host discredited smear merchant Kathleen Willey tonight to attack Hillary Clinton. Willey is not credible — she has repeatedly been caught contradicting her own sworn testimony and has pushed absurd conspiracies that the Clintons killed her husband and former White House aide Vince Foster.

The website for Fox’s The Kelly File currently features the following tease for tonight’s episode: “She claimed Bill Clinton sexually harassed her, but former aide Kathleen Willey now says Hillary is the bigger danger to women! Don’t miss this explosive interview.” Megyn Kelly’s interview will likely cover the same ground as anappearance Willey made on WND reporter Aaron Klein’s radio program, during which she claimed that “Hillary Clinton is the war on women.”

Willey’s claims about Bill Clinton’s supposed harassment have been thoroughly discredited. In 1998, Willeyalleged on CBS’ 60 Minutes that President Clinton fondled her against her will in 1993 during a private White House meeting in which she asked for a paid position in the administration (she was working as a volunteer at the time). Clinton denied making any sexual advance toward Willey, both at the time and in his memoir. The allegations were explored during discovery of Jones v. Clinton, the lawsuit in which Paula Jones claimed that Clinton sexually harassed her, and reviewed by Independent Counsel Robert Ray.

Ray’s report found that “Willey’s Jones deposition testimony differed from her grand jury testimony on material aspects of the alleged incident,” noting that Willey “said at her deposition … that [Clinton] did not fondle her.” Ray also pointed out that — despite Willey’s subsequent claims that she had been intimidated near her home shortly before giving her Jones deposition in 1998 — in her Jones deposition, she “testified no one had tried to discourage her from testifying.”  


Willey’s husband, Ed Willey, committed suicide on November 29, 1993 — the same day on which she claims Bill Clinton sexually harassed her after she asked him for a job. At the time, Edward Willey owed the IRS $400,000, had stolen $275,000 from a client, and was being threatened with disbarment. Kathleen Willey has since insinuated that her husband was actually murdered at the behest of the Clintons, and suggested a possible parallel to the death of Foster. Fringe conservatives have for years claimed that Foster was murdered in spite of numerous investigations proving that he took his own life.

In her 2007 autobiography, Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Willey wrote that her husband is on a list of “former Clinton associates who had died abruptly — and conveniently for the Clintons,” and claimed, “it has not escaped my notice that, less than five months after the left-handed Vince Foster drove to a wooded area in Virginia and used both hands to put a .38 caliber pistol into his mouth, so did my husband.” (The claim that the gun a left-handed Foster used to take his own life was found in his right hand is a common falsehood used to promote the conspiracy — Foster was actually right-handed.)

Willey then speculated that her husband could have been killed because he may have “illegally borrowed” money from the Clinton campaign to pay the IRS and other bills. Claiming that a medical examiner provided a “full report” in which the examiner “suggested that he [Ed Willey] held the gun with both hands but pulled the trigger with his right,” Willey added: “That’s exactly how Vince Foster is said to have killed himself.” Willey also wrote: “Despite the unanswered questions, I reconciled in my mind, long ago, that Ed killed himself. In my heart, I don’t want to think so and I still wonder, How could he possibly do that? I go back and forth. And, as I do, the possibility lingers, logical or not, that Ed was murdered.”

Extensive excerpts from Willey’s book are available here. She offered similar claims in a 2007 interview with conspiracy website WorldNetDaily promoting the book.

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Last week, Jim Garrow returned to the Religious Right talk show The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, where he previously “exposed” an Arab-Chinese-Communist plot against America, to warn that the Obama administration is working on an “attempt to wipe us out” with a new EMP “slaughter.”

Garrow believes that President Obama recently tried to launch an EMP attack on the U.S. but was thwarted by divine intervention.

“Join a militia; I mean it, join a militia,” Garrow insisted. “Have a bug-out bag, be within fifteen minutes of the ability to clear out, have a year of food stashed somewhere, make sure you’re more than four hours’ drive away from a major center if you are going to a bug-out space…. I have a plane ready to roll too.”

From the 01.29.2014 edition of Christians United Broadcasting Network’s The Hagmann and Hagmann Report:

Add to Jim Garrow’s list of nutbaggery, which rivals (and even surpasses) Alex Jones. 

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Speaking with Erik Rush last Friday, right-wing hoaxer Jim Garrow said that President Obama and his allies are killing his colleagues in the intelligence community in order to cover up Obama’s secret plan to nuke America.

He told Rush that while God didn’t protect his friends from Obama’s hit squads, God saved him from an assassination attempt: “They are being eliminated, now they tried to kill me a few days ago but it didn’t work because God intervened; we are not alone in this fight against lies and Lucifer and those people who would like to take down first of all the blessing of God from America but also take down America as an entity on the earth.”

From the 01.17.2014 edition of Full Contact With Erik Rush:

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At a speech in August, South Carolina state senator Lee Bright, who is challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham for the Republican nomination, warned that IRS “Brown Shirts” might start enforcing Obamacare with semiautomatic rifles.

Bright cited a conspiracy theory promoted by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), who started spreading the alarm in June when he witnessed “IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15.” In real life, this is because the IRS has a criminal investigations unit that has since the 1920s pursued drug traffickers and other criminal organizations, and which during the Bush administration started providing extra support for anti-terrorism efforts – activities which require special agents to be “equipped similarly to other federal, state and local law enforcement organizations.”

But according to Bright, “If that’s true, and they’re going to assault weapons training, the brownshirts are next. Because that’s the enforcement group for Obamacare is the IRS. And if you don’t have an IRS, you don’t have Obamacare.”

We stumbled across Bright’s speech thanks to the Charleston City Paper , which had sent a reporter to the event.

After Bright presented his theory about the IRS-Obamacare Brown Shirts, an audience member asked him what he thought of various anti-government conspiracy theories, including that “FEMA is training a militia.”

“Most of the federal government is a scam,” Bright said, adding that “FEMA is the biggest scam in the world.”

To make his point, Bright told a story of the mayor of Charleston, South Carolina asking for private donations to help with the relief from an earthquake and getting so many that he had to stop accepting aid – all without the help of FEMA. We would really like to know what earthquake he is talking about that was small enough that FEMA wouldn’t intervene but large enough that it required a large-scale private donations effort.

In fact, FEMA has aided in a number of recent South Carolina disasters, including providing more than $8.3 million in aid to Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

Later in the speech, Bright claimed that federal earthquake and tornado relief, along with food assistance, were not the role of the federal government and were just being used to “get votes.” We’ve previously reported on Bright’s mocking of food stamp recipients.

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Via our good friend Erik Rush, we were alerted to this new video from the fine folks over at the Western Center for Journalism entitled, rather succinctly, “Communist Barack Obama Should Be in Prison.”

Guess what it’s about?

As the video explains, President Obama is a longtime communist who is working to transform America into a communist utopia through income redistribution and by collapsing the economy by implementing socialized medicine. Intent on destroying the middle class, Obama has created government-subsided health insurance in order to bring about a massive underclass that will be ruled over by elites such as himself and George Soros. In fact, Obama is intentionally working to destroy the economy in order to benefit banks and investment firms, which will somehow make billions of dollars by seeing the entire economy collapse.

"Perhaps when the economy is driven over a cliff," the narrator says, “the masses will clamor for an Obama third term and Comrade Obama will lead America down the road to a communist utopia. Or perhaps America will throw this Marxist out of office and imprison him for treason.”

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Right-wing activist Jim Garrow wants the Obama children to be DNA tested because, he suggests, they might not be related to the president because he prefers to have sex with “his boys.” In case you aren’t familiar yet, Garrow is a fraudster who has been making waves on birther outlets by claiming that he is a former intelligence officer with secret information about President Obama’s mysterious conspiracies involving nuclear attacks on America and aliens.

In an interview with the Hagmann & Hagmann Report last week, Garrow said that “Bathhouse Barry” has an “agreement” with First Lady, whom he calls “Moochelle,” to “feed” his “sexual proclivity.” He doubted that Sasha and Malia are the president’s children, saying “what needs to happen is somebody needs to get some DNA samples over there.”

Garrow also alleged that wealthy Arabs, among others, paid for Obama’s college education, as part of a plot to turn black students into “commie-influenced people who would serve the best interests of these Arab states” with ties to China’s People Liberation Army, information he claimed he received from Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo. - 



Reverse vampires?

In a blog post this week, former Florida congressman Allen West gets behind a conspiracy theory that holds that the Environmental Protection Agency is launching a “clandestine” and “backdoor” assault on the Second Amendment. The gist of the theory is that President Obama used the EPA to shut down a Missouri smelter that refused to comply with anti-pollution regulations, thereby creating a scarcity of bullets and, in West’s words, “destroy[ing] the Second Amendment.”

Of course, there is no actual evidence to support West’s claim. In fact, the EPA first went after the smelter in question in 2008, the year before Obama became president. Steve Benen notes: “If enforcement of environmental safeguards was used to secretly undermine access to ammunition, the plot was launched by the notorious gun-grabbers in the Bush/Cheney administration.”

Despite the lack of evidence and the fact that the smelter was targeted before Obama even took office, now Gun Owners of America is also embracing the patently bogus conspiracy.

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Last week, conspiracy theorist and End Times radio host Rick Wiles informed his audience that he would be stepping away from the microphone and his daily hosting duties for the near future because God had told him to focus his energy on creating a television studio through which he could better promote his dire warnings that the world is doomed.

In the interim, the radio show would be anchored by like-minded guest hosts while continuing to feature exactly the sorts of guests we have come to expect from Wiles’ program, such as crackpot preacher James David Manning, who told host Rev. Dr. David Berman yesterday that violent revolution against the US government is inevitable because public schools are indoctrinating kids with homosexuality and teaching them to rebel against the church, which is why so many people have begun stockpiling weapons.

From the 12.02.2013 edition of TruNews:


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(via GOPTV Politicizes The Kennedy Assassination: “JFK Was A Conservative Murdered By A Liberal” - NewsHounds)

Fox News has found a way to honor the upcoming 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and still stay true to its core Republican-promoting, liberal-demonizing agenda: Spin Democrat JFK as a conservative and paint Lee Harvey Oswald as a “silly, squalid little communist.” As we all know, on Fox, “communist” is synonymous with “liberal.”

The spin started in an interview with JFK’s niece Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Bobby Kennedy’s daughter) and JFK’s nephew, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted Kennedy. Much of the interview was devoted to, as called the segment, “Memories of ‘Uncle Jack.’”

But then, at about 7 minutes into the nearly 11-minute interview, Wallace began to try to co-opt Kennedy’s legacy for Fox News. As David, at Crooks and Liars’ Video Café pointed out, Wallace began by suggesting Democrat Kennedy was “quite conservative. From the Fox News transcript (edited for accuracy, punctuation and grammar):

WALLACE: Let’s talk about President Kennedy’s legacy half a century later. There is a growing body of thought that, in fact, that President Kennedy was quite conservative in some of his policies. He was a fierce Cold Warrior, he believed that tax cuts spurred the economy. Kathleen.

Both Kennedy family members politely pushed back. Kennedy Townsend noted that her uncle lowered the tax rate from 90 to 70 percent, which is far higher than the 22 percent rate now. She also said that JFK resisted generals who had wanted to go to war during the Bay of Pigs incident.

Patrick Kennedy pushed back more explicitly, especially with regard to Wallace’s subsequent suggestion that the “very troubled – I think some people would say ‘disastrous’ rollout of OBamaCare …raises doubts about big government solutions.”

PATRICK KENNEDY: Well, I think President Kennedy was so universally beloved because his message was such idealism. It was setting the goals. Obviously, in our own lives and the life of our government we’re not always that efficient in achieving the goals we set for ourselves. But the goal is right. The goal is to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated from the vantage point that you don’t want to be discriminated against because of preexisting condition in health care.

In the very next segment, the panel discussion, Wallace continued promoting Kennedy’s supposed conservatism. Wallace’s first question to the panel went to George Will, Will didn’t just affirm the “JFK was conservative” meme, he took it a step further to suggest that Kennedy was killed BECAUSE he was too conservative.

WALLACE: And we’re back now with the panel. George, your thoughts about John F. Kennedy’s legacy and this growing notion that he, in fact, espoused a lot of conservative values.

WILL: Well, he was a conventional liberal before liberalism changed in the late 1960s. He was a Cold Warrior in the tradition of Harry Truman, and domestically, he hired as his Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon, a Republican from Wall Street, he did indeed believe in supply side tax cuts, increased revenues from lower rates.

Chris, more people, substantially more people visit the fifth floor museum in the Texas Book Depository as it then was, than visit the Kennedy library. Which suggests to me that his hold on the nation’s imagination has more to do with the way he died than the way he lived. In fact, his record was rather thin.

And what his death did, was it gave rise to a narrative that America was somehow deeply flawed because of this. …Now, the narrative that immediately emerged, was a streak of violence, particularly on the right, killed Kennedy. We happen to know he was killed by a silly, squalid, little communist.

I’m surprised nobody found a way to blame President Obama or Hillary Clinton for it. But maybe that’s coming.