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From the 05.10.2013 edition of KTVI’s Fox 2 News In The Morning.

EDITORS’ NOTE: All future photosets involving Angie Mock (and the gang at Fox2) will be moved over to Justin’s Entertainment Corner.

Guess who’s back by popular demand? The Rosemount Hottie, aka Angie Mock.

Speaking of Mock, she and her cohort Sonja Shin started a show on the new 1380 The Woman, called The Healthy Beauty. She will co-host with Shin 2x a week.

(via Anthony Kiekow at Revealing Look Into The Home Of A Same-Sex Couple Raising 3 Kids)

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Sadie Lankford and her partner Rachel Roach are raising three girls in St. Louis.

The girls are Sadie’s biological children.

“I never really told them this is Rachel and she is my girlfriend,” Sadie said. “We just kind of all fit together.”

Sadie said before set met Rachel she was raising the children alone.

“They never really have seen me with a man,” Sadie said. “Rachel is all they know.”

Janelle Lankford, 11, is the oldest child.

“I don’t think it is anyone’s business if I have two moms,” Janelle said.

Janelle recently switched schools after she says kids, who knew she was being raised by same sex parents, called her a lesbian.

“No one really should be saying those things,” She said.

Sadie and Rachel told FOX 2 the only thing a “missing” from their family unit is a wedding ceremony.

However, same sex couples are not allowed to legally marry in Missouri.

“The girls fight over who would be a flower girl and hold the rings, but in reality we don’t have a wedding in our near future,” Sadie said.

Father Ryan describes it as a union that is only “physically possible” between a man and a woman.

“Sex acts cannot have the proper meaning if authentic one-flesh union is not possible,” Father Ryan said.

He also said that it is something only a married couple should share.

The Catholic Church is opposed to same sex marriage.

However, Sadie and Rachel said that they think they should be allowed to marry.

Back by popular demand: Fox2’s Angie Mock.

Angie Mock on Fox2 (03.29.2013).

Screen cap from Yesterday’s Fox 2 News In The Morning.

Also snuck in: the red logo for marriage equality. 

Fox2’s Angie Mock on 03.14.2013.

03.01.2013: Fox2now. 

Included: Margie Ellisor and Angie Mock, and even Vera Culley.

From the 02.28.2013 edition of KTVI’s Fox 2 News In The Morning. 

Guess who’s back on here? 

KTVI’s Angie Mock: 02.18.2013.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It is Oscar week.  The FOX 2 9am news crew has put together spoofs of the big pictures up for awards this year.  Check out this skit based on the movie Django Unchained

(via Djaco Unchained: Charles Jaco In The Newsroom)

The lovely Angie Mock from KTVI on 02.15.2013.

Happy Valentine’s Day.