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1. While speaking to college students, he assumed (wrongly) that an immigration activist was undocumented.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

No really. It went like this:

Gov. Deal: I presume you are…. [undocumented]
Woman: I don’t know why you thought I was undocumented. Is it because I look Hispanic?

Apparently you can tell a person’s citizenship status just by looking at them. #NewSuperpower

2. An investigation showed Gov. Deal rewarded the families who bankrolled his campaign with plum seats on the state’s top boards.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

Yea, we did a spit take too when we saw the headline.

Side note: Gov. Deal appointed only 5 women and 1 African-American out of 51 seats. #Diversity

3. A leaked email from Gov. Deal’s staff promised favors for state legislators in return for campaign contributions.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

You just can’t make this stuff up.

4. On Wednesday, a watchdog group filed a complaint against the governor’s top staff for illegal conduct.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

The governor’s top staff intervened in an ethics investigation of his campaign, allegedly even threatening the top ethics official. The silver fox has seen a lot in his day, but we think he would agree this is just wrong.

5. Now the governor is struggling to explain why he takes $10k a month from a business that owes Georgia $74 million in back taxes.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

Because earning millions for yourself always takes priority over funding education or helping middle-class families…

6. And a judge is questioning why the state hid evidence in a major ethics trial that kept the governor off the witness stand.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

What memos? There were no memos? We promise!

7. When you act like this, it’s probably better to keep the press away. Maybe that’s why he stayed silent as a journalist was dragged out of a GOP rally Gov. Deal was headlining.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

Gov. Deal sat idly by as a videographer was dragged from a public rally.

Did we mention that she was invited to the event? So much for transparency.
Gov. Deal, of course, had no comment.

What. A. Week.

7 Scandals In 7 Days: One Governor's Very Bad Week

7 scandals in 7 days.

We know, it’s hard to keep up.

We think it’s safe to say that #GeorgiasReady for an honest government. #ChangeTheDeal

Source: Team Carter for Buzzfeed Community

h/t: Daniel Strauss at TPM


The AJC’s Political Insider spoke to Jason Carter’s spokesperson about his stance on marriage equality after noting the GA Voice’s editorial on Tuesday saying it was time for him to state his public position on the matter.

And this is what Carter’s spokesperson Bryan Thomas told the AJC:

“Jason has long supported marriage equality, and has said so to anyone who asked him. He doesn’t think we should ever be in a position of telling churches what to do, but has long been on the record in support of civil marriage equality.”

The AJC said our editorial was “puzzling” because reporters there were sure they had heard him state this position before.

During Carter’s four years in the Senate, the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage never became an issue, even at the committee level, so the video record is slim.

But we’re pretty sure we’ve heard Carter, whose Decatur-based district is very gay friendly, express himself on the issue.

We scoured the AJC archives and could not find anything. We scoured the internet seeking seeking anything about what Carter’s stance may be. Nothing except a dodge of the question in a Huffington Post interview in March. We even tried to ask him the question at the Atlanta HRC dinner this year and he declined to answer any questions.

We’ve been requesting interviews with Sen. Carter for months so we could ask him this question, and many others, to no avail. And now that a lawsuit has been filed in Georgia challenging the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, and governors across the country are taking sides on the issue, we felt it was only fair Sen. Carter have the opportunity to answer.

Carter is joining fellow Democrat Greg Hecht in supporting marriage equality. Hecht is also running for state-wide office in a campaign to defeat Attorney General Sam Olens and has said if he was elected he would not defend the lawsuit seeking to overturn the state’s ban on marriage equality.

We are grateful that Georgia Equality Jeff Graham told the AJC that “he was pleased by the above statement, but suggested that the Carter campaign might want to be more responsive to LGBT media in the future.”

Kudos must also be given to Project Q Atlanta for writing the story that prompted our editorial about an LGBT fundraiser for Carter in which nearly $100,000 was raised without Carter having to even say the word “gay” or “LGBT.”

And we are very grateful and hopeful now that state Sen. Carter’s has cleared up any confusion on the matter. Thank you, Sen. Carter, for your leadership in making Georgia even better. LGBT and progressive voters should be fired up to head to the polls to oust Nathan Deal and put a man with experience, knowledge, compassion, smarts and strong leadership skills to make Georgia a place we can all be proud to call home.

h/t: Bill Barrow and Christina A. Cassidy at AP, via HuffPost Politics

h/t: Patrick Caldwell at Mother Jones

FLASHBACK: In the 2002 #GASen election, outgoing Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) distastefully smeared triple amputee veteran and then occupant Max Cleland (D) in an ad by comparing him to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  Sadly, Chambliss’s smear propelled him to a victory.

Thankfully, this rotten asshole’s leaving office after this year, and better yet, this seat should hopefully go back to the Blue column with a Michelle Nunn win this November as just desserts for this ad in 2002. 

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Let’s go, Ms. Nunn this November!!!!’


Jody Hice is a pastor running to replace Rep. Paul Broun in Georgia’s 10th Congressional district. He also hosts The Jody Hice Show, a local radio show in Georgia “that is centered around defending liberty.”

Jody Hice is a pastor running to replace Rep. Paul Broun in Georgia's 10th Congressional district. He also hosts The Jody Hice Show , a local radio show in Georgia "that is centered around defending liberty."

Hice previously ran for Congress in 2010, losing to current Rep. Rob Woodall in a runoff. He is likely to make a runoff again in a crowded field to replace Broun. Jody Hice Facebook

On one episode of Hice’s radio show, the topic of marriage equality came up. Hice had a few thoughts.

Hice says marriage equality will have an “enormous, erosive effect on marriage and family.”

He says “homosexuals have the right to be married” just not “to one another.”

And that children need two parents of different genders to grow up in the most “healthy, psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical” environment.

Hice calls it “totally unreasonable” to compare marriage equality with the Civil Rights struggle because “you cannot change your race” but “thousands and thousands of people” have chosen not to be gay.

He adds that “our Constitution does not protect sexual preference,” and compares the lack of a parent of one gender in same-sex couple with children to “losing mom or dad in a car accident.”

Source: Andrew Kaczynski for Buzzfeed


nunn obama

In a poll by Landmark Communications released Sunday, Democrat Michelle Nunn has a commanding lead against both of her potential challengers in Georgia’s US Senate race. Against Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) Nunn is up by eight points, 49% to 41%. The poll also shows her with a nice lead against businessman David Perdue as Nunn leads him 48% to 42%. Perdue and Kingston are heading into a GOP primary runoff this coming Tuesday. The survey shows Kingston with a sizable lead as he is ahead by seven points, 48% to 41%.

While Nunn holds leads against both men, the thought is that she’d prefer to face Kingston in the general election. Atlanta-based political analyst Bill Crane had the following to say after this poll was released.

“I think Michelle Nunn would prefer to run against Jack Kingston. Twenty-two year incumbent, PAC money, special interest, her preferred race is the race that I think she’s going to get.”

Nunn taking the Georgia Senate seat would put a huge crimp in the plans of Republicans who feel they can take over the US Senate this November. Currently, the GOP needs to net six seats in the midterm to become the majority party in the Upper Chamber. Losing a Senate seat in a deep-red state that was previously held by a Republican will almost certainly prevent Republicans from taking over the Senate. While it is nearly a given that Democrats will lose seats this November, it is looking more and more promising that they will be able to retain control of the Senate.

Besides this race, Dems have a very good chance of flipping another Republican-held seat. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in real danger of losing to Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes this November. Polls show the race in a virtual tie and Grimes has been able to energize Democrats in Kentucky. Also, McConnell’s insistence on running against Obamacare is likely to backfire as the health care law has been a raging success in Kentucky. Toss in the fact that Grimes has attracted national attention, with big names coming to Kentucky to campaign for her, and all the arrows point to an embarrassing loss for McConnell.

h/t: Joan McCarter at Daily Kos

H/T: David Nir at Daily Kos Elections

h/t: Tim Murphy at Mother Jones