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Bill Daley, former White House chief of staff to President Obama, is considering a 2014 gubernatorial run in the state of Illinois, the AP reports:

Daley, who has mulled campaigns for the state’s highest office before, spoke about leadership during a campaign-style speech Thursday before Chicago’s business and political elite. After the speech, when an audience member asked if he was running for governor, Daley said he was “thinking about it seriously.”

Although he didn’t criticize Quinn by name, Daley said Illinois needs better leadership, particularly with its shaky finances — billions in unpaid bills and the worst-in-the-nation pension problem. Quinn has said he’ll seek a second term in 2014.

H/T: TPM LiveWire

Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois has had some terrible ratings for a long time, but these latest numbers from PPP are just disastrously bad. Thanks in part to presiding over an income tax hike necessary to pay for state government services, Quinn’s worked his way down to a 25-64 job approval score, and predictably, his numbers in hypothetical 2014 matchups with Republicans are just awful:

  • 37-44 vs. state Sen. Kirk Dillard
  • 39-43 vs. Treasurer Dan Rutherford
  • 40-39 vs. Rep. Aaron Schock

Obviously, lots of Democrats are thinking about replacing Quinn, so Tom Jensen tested Attorney General Lisa Madigan (who has high name rec) and former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley (who doesn’t) as well. Madigan leads Dillard and Rutherford 46-37 and Schock 46-38, while Daley trails Dillard (34-36) and Rutherford (37-38) but edges Schock 40-35.

Madigan has long been mentioned as potential gubernatorial candidate and has a good 48-32 favorability rating overall and a 68-16 score among Democratic primary voters. In a direct head-to-head with Quinn, she trounces him 64-20. Even Daley comes out ahead, too, though, 37-34, which really should give Quinn second thoughts about seeking reelection. 

Meanwhile, on the GOP side, Rutherford noses Schock 27-26 in a hypothetical three-way primary, with Dillard at 17. He also takes the top spot in PPP’s kitchen-sink scenario:

  • Dan Rutherford: 19
  • Aaron Schock: 18
  • Bill Brady: 14
  • Kirk Dillard: 12
  • Joe Walsh: 8
  • Bruce Rauner: 7
  • Someone else: 7
  • Not sure: 15

As for the additional names there: Bill Brady was the GOP’s 2010 nominee, who barely beat Dillard for the nod and then barely lost to Quinn; Joe Walsh is the infamous loudmouth and soon-to-be-former congressman; and Bruce Rauner is a wealthy private equity titan.

h/t: David Nir at Daily Kos Elections