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From the 03.28.2014 edition of Liberty Counsel’s Faith and Freedom:

Typical sore losers on the right. 

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This past Thursday, Subway announced they were joining Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. They posted the following statement to their Facebook page:

So proud to team up with the Partnership for a Healthier America and the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative in our continued effort to offer healthier choices to families and encourage kids to pile on the veggies!

Given how many obese kids there are in America, I don’t see how anyone could possibly have a problem with this. Subway has been marketing their food as a healthy alternative to standard fast food fare for years, and millions of people love Subway sandwiches and salads. Heck, Subway gave us Jared Fogle.

Cue the poutrage. Subway’s Facebook page currently looks as if, CPAC, Ted Nugent clones, Duck Dynasty fans and raging homophobes (and Islamophobes and liberalphobes and every kind of phobe you can think of)  have merged into one giant sucking sound. For people like me – you know, liberals with a side of snark – this is a win-win.

It is first a win because my family, while rarely eating fast food, loves Subway. My husband will typically eat nothing but Subway for lunch when he’s traveling. Our son, when I told him about the conservatives going crazy over this, suggested we get some Subway for dinner Sunday evening, and I pretty much lived on their sandwiches when I was a retail manager.

Secondly, it shows basic conservative hypocrisy in all its glory. Remember Chick-Fil-A? Remember what happened when liberals boycotted Chick-Fil-A? OH MY GOD, we were called everything from traitors to Nazis, told to leave the country, and basically attacked every minute of every day. Liberals were boycotting Chick-Fil-A because their president gave money to a hate group that spreads lies about, and supports discrimination of, the LGBT community. Which, in my humble opinion, was a boycott that made sense. This? This is just flat-out dumb. It’s reminiscent of when conservativeswent nuts just a few months back after the FLOTUS dared to suggest Americans should probably drink more water.

Obesity is a major health issue in America, for children, teens and adults. Medical issues that stem from obesity range from heart attacks and strokes to high blood pressure and diabetes. Obesity kills people. But holy shit snacks, have a company that’s been promoting healthy eating for years suddenly partner with the First Lady, and HITLERSUBSANDWICHGHAZI.

Gosh, what if… no, that couldn’t possibly be it. I mean, conservatives couldn’t possibly be upset because Subway has partnered with our African-American first lady, could they? All conservatives ever tell us is how they’re totally not racist because they have a black friend, and there’s nothing racist at all about comparing the First Lady of the United States to a gorilla, right? The following comments are from Subway’s Facebook page

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Happy 50th Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Just shut your fucking mouth, Rushbo!


Right-wing activist Jim Garrow wants the Obama children to be DNA tested because, he suggests, they might not be related to the president because he prefers to have sex with “his boys.” In case you aren’t familiar yet, Garrow is a fraudster who has been making waves on birther outlets by claiming that he is a former intelligence officer with secret information about President Obama’s mysterious conspiracies involving nuclear attacks on America and aliens.

In an interview with the Hagmann & Hagmann Report last week, Garrow said that “Bathhouse Barry” has an “agreement” with First Lady, whom he calls “Moochelle,” to “feed” his “sexual proclivity.” He doubted that Sasha and Malia are the president’s children, saying “what needs to happen is somebody needs to get some DNA samples over there.”

Garrow also alleged that wealthy Arabs, among others, paid for Obama’s college education, as part of a plot to turn black students into “commie-influenced people who would serve the best interests of these Arab states” with ties to China’s People Liberation Army, information he claimed he received from Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo. - 



Reverse vampires?

Tonight, I applaud the men and women of the Illinois General Assembly, a body in which I was proud to serve, for voting to legalize marriage equality in my home state.

As President, I have always believed that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally under the law. Over time, I also came to believe that same-sex couples should be able to get married like anyone else. So tonight, Michelle and I are overjoyed for all the committed couples in Illinois whose love will now be as legal as ours – and for their friends and family who have long wanted nothing more than to see their loved ones treated fairly and equally under the law.

I also commend the members of the General Assembly for approaching this issue in a fair and open way, and for recognizing the importance of our commitment to religious freedom by engaging the religious community in this conversation. Throughout this debate, they’ve made it clear that this is about civil marriages and civil laws, and made sure that churches and other institutions of faith are still free to make their own decisions that conform to their own teachings.

As I said in my Inaugural Address last January, our journey as a nation is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. And tonight, I’m so proud that the men and women elected to serve the people of the great state of Illinois have chosen to take us one step further on that journey to perfect our union.

(via GOP Freaks Out Over Obama’s 8-Day Vacation. Here’s A Reality Check For Them (Video) | Progressive Populist)

Every time President Obama and his family take a vacation, the hypocrites on the right whine and complain about it. They typically gripe about how much it costs taxpayers, or how terrible it looks in light of all the people struggling economically in this country.

Here are some of the complaints this time, as President Obama and his family enjoy an8-day vacation at Martha’s Vinyard.

Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart: “Most of the people in my district could never afford to visit Martha’s Vineyard, and those who could would feel uncomfortable vacationing in a place that has a reputation for being for the elite.”

Maryland Republican Party chairman Diana Waterman: “When there are so many people out there looking for jobs and Americans are struggling to make ends meet, this sends the wrong message to people who are struggling to survive.”

Here’s a couple of reality checks for those critics: At the same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had taken 399 days of vacation, much of it spent at his Crawford, Texas ranch. President Obama, meanwhile, has taken just 87 days of vacation.

Does ANYONE remember Republicans bashing George W. Bush over his excessive vacation days? Didn’t think so. Did the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck take President Obama’s predecessor to task for having taken over a full years worth of vacation time, or roughly 20% of the total time he had spent in office? Nope. They did not.

My oh my. She is cray-cray (or crazy). 

Fox Nation attacked Michelle Obama by asking if she is turning the Easter Egg Roll into a “fat camp” by adding physical activities and healthy meals to the agenda. In fact, first ladies commonly incorporate their policy initiatives into the annual event.

Other first ladies have used the Easter egg roll to highlight their policy initiatives. During the 2002 Easter Egg Roll, Laura Bush read to children to highlight her campaign on literacy, a tradition that Michelle Obama has continued.

Fox News has regularly attacked Michelle Obama for her “Let’s Move" campaign.


This week, Breitbart News broke a long-standing security protocol and published a story detailing the precise location where President Obama’s daughters are vacationing this week. On Wednesday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) used the report to attack the First Daughters for taking a vacation.

King’s comments came during an appearance on Mickelson in the Morning, an Iowa-based radio show. A caller, Carla, brought up sequestration and proceeded to criticize the Michelle Obama and her daughters for taking a vacation in the Bahamas. King agreed — “Carla, you’re on point and on the mark all the way through” — before criticizing them for also taking a vacation last year in Mexico. “That was at our expense, too,” King bemoaned.

CALLER: When I see the First Lady and the beautiful girls going off to the Bahamas waving goodbye to us, it’s really hard to stomach. When we’re tightening our belts, either all of us should do it or none of us should do it. This, I am pretty tolerant, I always have been, I usually shut my mouth. This is not acceptable.

KING: Carla, you’re on point and on the mark all the way through. […] You’re right on the president. He needs to show some austerity himself. Instead he wanted to tell America how bad it was going to be. […] We’ve got the president doing these things. He sent the daughters to spring break in Mexico a year ago. That was at our expense, too. And now to the Bahamas at one of the most expensive places there. That is the wrong image to be coming out of the White House.

Listen to it:

This notion that the Obamas are living a life of excess is beginning to take hold among conservative members of Congress.

H/T: Think Progress

Tuesday and Wednesday: big days for the fate of marriage equality.

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Today in Poutrage Alert: Obama-hating shit for brains loon Dana Loesch deliberately lied about Laura Bush’s role in the 2002 Oscars in order to attack First Lady Michelle Obama for her appearance at last night’s Oscars ceremony. Obama presented the award for Best Picture Award, and Argo won.

More proof that Loesch is a condescending jerk:

Sorry, Dana, but former FLOTUS Laura Bush was a presenter at the 2002 Oscars.

Twitter user @PumpsandBumps tells the truth about Bush’s role in the 2002 Oscars:

Media Matters For America has the real no-spin facts about the Oscars, which conservatives like her decided to ignore intentionally:

Right-wing media are falsely suggesting that First Lady Michelle Obama’s Academy Awards appearance is unprecedented, ignoring that former presidents and former First Lady Laura Bush have previously participated in the ceremony.
In fact, former presidents and former First Lady Laura Bush have participated in Academy Awards ceremonies. In 2002, Bush appeared at the Oscars in a taped appearance. From the Chicago Tribune:
The documentary history montage was put together by director Penelope Spheeris, whose remarkable “Decline of Western Civilization” rock documentaries likely have never been even close to nominated.
And the show’s marvelous “What do the movies mean to you?” opening segment was done by director Errol Morris, whose groundbreaking work, from “Thin Blue Line” through “Fast, Cheap and Out of Control,” has also been criminally neglected.
It was bracing to see people from Laura Bush to Jerry Brown to Mikhail Gorbachev interviewed, and mind-bending to hear film titles such as Russ Meyer’s “Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill” and William Castle’s “The Tingler” mentioned on usually sacrosanct Oscar airspace.
In 1981, President Reagan taped an appearance for the Oscars. From The New York Times:
But now that Mr. Reagan has moved on to another profession, he’s been invited to appear on the Academy Awards program on March 30.
The President will remain in the White House and tape a brief greeting to the audience at the Oscar ceremonies, and his words will be televised early in the awards show.
”President Reagan was once a member of our industry and it seemed fitting for him to join us,” said Norman Jewison, producer of this year’s show.
The Times also noted that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt “spoke to an Oscar audience by radio in 1941.”

The far right-wing loves to lie and smear any member of the Obama family (or any Democrat/liberal/alleged “RINO”).

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