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National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent lashed out at media who covered controversy surrounding his campaign appearances with Texas Republican governor candidate Greg Abbott by comparing members of the media to Joseph Goebbels, who served as Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

Controversy has been swirling in the Texas governor’s race following Abbott’s decision to include Nugent at campaign events, in spite of Nugent’s recent characterization of President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel” and his lengthy history of vile attacks on women.

Nugent has responded by calling videos of his offensive commentary “lies” and “inaccurate” and also sent a series of tweets on February 19 comparing CNN and other unnamed members of the media to Goebbels:

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After Tea Party Nation founder and walking Godwin’s Law example Judson Phillips compared liberals to Nazis last week, the National Jewish Democratic Council called on Tea Party senator Rand Paul to denounce the attack.

In Phillips’ opinion, that could only mean one thing: The folks at the National Jewish Democratic Council are Nazis, too.

In a deranged email to supporters, Phillips explained that by denouncing him, the NJDC “actually proved my point. Liberals do not want to discuss or debate issues. They want to silence those who disagree with them.”

“So did the Nazis.”

“Like the book-burning Nazis of the 1930s, the left wants to suppress all dissenting opinion,” Phillips added. With this latest outburst, Phillips has now labeled both his gay and Jewish critics as National Socialists. If any communists have something to say about Tea Party Nation, now would be the time.

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(via Think Progress LGBT: NOM Ally And Ex-Gay Activist Compares Gay-Straight Alliances To KKK And Nazi Skinheads)

Robert Gagnon is a close ally of the National Organization for Marriage, including being a regularly featured speaker at its national conference for college students; he’ll be there again this year. But Gagnon is also an outspoken advocate of harmful ex-gay therapy, and has helped to found the new ex-gay splinter group called the Restored Hope Network. Restore Hope broke away from Exodus International when that group’s president, Alan Chambers, admitted that there is no “cure” for homosexuality.

Equality Matters follows Gagnon closely, and noticed this week some outrageous comments he made on Facebook about gay-straight alliances (GSA). Chambers suggested in a recent video that if Christian young people attend a school that has a GSA, they should attend its meetings to learn and listen from those who utilize such a resource. Gagnon thinks they might as well attend a “Klu Klux Klan” [sic] or Nazi Skinhead group or one that advocates for “women abusers”:

GAGNON: More ridiculousness by Alan Chambers of Exodus (will it ever end?): Christian young people should respond to a “gay-straight alliance” in public school by going to such meetings “not to speak but to serve and listen and to offer to help, finding common ground.” There is no “speaking the truth in love” here (Eph 4:15). So if there is a “polyamory appreciation” group or “prostitutes for Christ” group or Ku Klux Klan / Nazi Skinhead group of “women abusers advocacy society” at a public school, Christian students should go to such meetings, not speak, but serve and find common ground? How can sane evangelical Christians support any longer any organization led by Alan Chambers? The man has become as “useful” to homosexualist advocacy as naive Western leftists of the 1920s to 1950s who extolled the virtues of Leninist and Stalinist Russia were useful to these dictatorial regimes.

Gay-straight alliances make schools safer for LGBT students and even help improve their academic performance, but Gagnon probably isn’t interested in such data.

(Reuters) - Arm raised in a Nazi-style salute, the leader of Greece’s fastest-rising political party surveyed hundreds of young men in black T-shirts as they exploded into cheers. Their battle cry reverberated through the night: Blood! Honour! Golden Dawn!

"We may sometimes raise our hand this way, but these hands are clean, not dirty. They haven’t stolen," shouted Nikolaos Mihaloliakos as he stood, floodlit, in front of about 2,000 diehard party followers filling an open-air amphitheatre at Goudi park, a former military camp near Athens.

"We were dozens, then a few hundred. Now we’re thousands and it’s only the beginning," cried the leader of Golden Dawn, a far-right party that is seeing its support soar amid Greece’s economic collapse. Last month’s rally revealed the party, which describes itself as nationalist and pledges to expel all illegal foreigners, has a new-found sense of triumph, even a swagger, that some find menacing.

Riding a wave of public anger at corrupt politicians, austerity and illegal immigration, Golden Dawn has seen its popularity double in a few months. A survey by VPRC, an independent polling company, put the party’s support at 14 percent in October, compared with the seven percent it won in June’s election.

Political analysts see no immediate halt to its meteoric ascent. They warn that Golden Dawn, which denies being neo-Nazi despite openly adopting similar ideology and symbols, may lure as many as one in three Greek voters.

"As long as the political system doesn’t change and doesn’t put an end to corruption, this phenomenon will not be stemmed," said Costas Panagopoulos, chief of ALCO, another independent polling company. "Golden Dawn can potentially tap up to 30 percent of voters."

The party now lies third in the polls, behind conservative New Democracy and the main opposition, the radical leftist Syriza. Violent behavior by Golden Dawn members, who often stroll through run-down Athens neighborhoods harassing immigrants, seems to boost rather than hurt the party’s standing.

As the government imposes yet more austerity on an enraged public, the collapse of the ruling conservative-leftist coalition remains on the political horizon. The possibility that Golden Dawn could capture second place in a snap election is slim but real, say pollsters.

Analysts believe that, ultimately, the party lacks the broad appeal and structure needed to gain mass traction. In World War Two Greece suffered massacres and famine in its fight against the Nazis, and the spectre of the 1967-1974 military junta still hangs heavy over its modern politics. So why are many Greeks now turning to a party whose emblems and rhetoric, critics say, resemble Hitler’s?

Golden Dawn denies any such resemblance. In an interview with Reuters at an open-air cafe in the Athens district of Papagou, a traditional neighbourhood for military personnel, Ilias Panagiotaros, a Golden Dawn lawmaker and spokesman, explained the party’s appeal. “Golden Dawn is the only institution in this country that works. Everything else has stopped working or is partially working,” he said.

"We operate like a well-organized army unit, because the military is the best institution in any country." Greece’s far-right party goes on the offensive (PDF) > Greece’s other debt problem (PDF)

Short, squat and combative, Mihaloliakos once praised Hitler and denied the Nazi gas chambers existed. A former special forces commando in the Greek army, he met the leaders of the Greek military junta while in prison for carrying illegal weapons and explosives as a member of a far-right group in 1979.

When pressed on such issues, Golden Dawn says they are all in the past and it is looking to the future.

For years after Mihaloliakos founded the party in 1985 it remained marginal: in the 2009 elections Golden Dawn won just 0.29 percent of the vote, or fewer than 20,000 votes. Yet in June, the party amassed votes from across the political spectrum, wiping out the more moderate nationalist LAOS party and winning support from as far left as the communist KKE party, pollsters said.

Now it is stealing votes from New Democracy, which flip-flopped on the international bailout keeping Greece afloat and, after coming to power, imposed harsh cuts instead of relief measures. Though Golden Dawn attracts mainly urban male voters up to 35 years old, the party is also gaining its share of women and the elderly, primarily those suffering unemployment or falling living standards, say pollsters.

Part of its appeal is down to the sort of welfare work that Hamas, the Palestinian party, does in Gaza. Golden Dawn distributes food in poor neighborhoods, helps old ladies get money safely from ATMs - and has also set up a Greeks-only blood bank.

A short film showed highlights of the year, which included attacks on immigrant street vendors, clashes with police outside parliament and food distribution to the poor. When the film showed Golden Dawn lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris slapping a female communist lawmaker, Liana Kanelli, across the face on live TV, youths bellowed profanities against the victim.

"Golden Dawn’s target is simple. We want the absolute majority in parliament so we can replace the constitution with our own," Kasidiaris told the crowd. “It will then be easy to immediately arrest and deport all illegal immigrants.”

Pollsters were ready to write off the party when Kasidiaris slapped Kanelli after she swatted him with some papers during a dispute he was having with a Syriza lawmaker. Kasidiaris says he was defending himself; Kanelli says she was coming to the aid of the Syriza lawmaker after Kasidiaris had thrown water at her.

Painting Golden Dawn as an aberration stemming from the financial crisis, pollsters said the party’s support would dwindle. The opposite happened - the party gained 3 to 4 percentage points in polls as a direct result of the Kasidiaris incident.

In parliament Golden Dawn’s 18 lawmakers cluster in a rear corner of the marble-covered hall, but make no attempt to hide their ideology. Recently, Panagiotaros asked the welfare ministry to find out which babies admitted to state day-care centers were actually Greek. Eleni Zaroulia, wife of party leader Mihaloliakos and also a lawmaker, described immigrants as “every sort of sub-human who invades our country carrying all sorts of diseases.”

Artemis Matthaiopoulos, another Golden Dawn lawmaker, was formerly the bassist for a heavy metal band called Pogrom, which produced songs such as “Speak Greek or Die” and “Auschwitz”.

Rights groups say racist attacks in Greece have been surging, but that many immigrants are reluctant to report them because of their illegal status or mistrust of the police.

Like other victims, he accuses Greek police of supporting Golden Dawn and hindering immigrants in reporting attacks. In a July report, advocacy group Human Rights Watch said gangs of Greeks were regularly attacking immigrants with impunity and authorities were ignoring victims or discouraging them from filing complaints.

Greek police deny accusations they are soft on, or even sometimes work with, Golden Dawn. Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has vehemently denied reports that police were beating up illegal immigrants and has threatened to sue British newspaper The Guardian over the issue. He is at such odds with Golden Dawn that the party ridiculed him during the youth festival at Goudi park.

But a member of the police officers’ union, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, admitted there was some sympathy for the party among the ranks. “There are some among the police who ideologically support Golden Dawn and a handful that have been violent against illegal immigrants,” the unionist said. “But these cases are being probed by justice.”

H/T: Reuters

(via Liberty Counsel: “Dan Savage is Encouraging Violence Against Christians Like the Nazis Did to the Jews” | Right Wing Watch)

Earlier this month, Dan Savage set off a bit of controversy when he declared that “every dead gay kid is a victory for the Family Research Council,” prompting FRC president Tony Perkins to hint that legal action might be taken against him.

Today, Matt Barber and Shawn Akers discussed Savage’s comments on the "Faith and Freedom" radio program during which Barber suggested that Savage was intentionally “sending a signal to the next Floyd Corkins to go in and try again” while Akers asserted that he “didn’t want to go off into hyperbole” right before he declared that Savage’s remarks were just like “Hitler’s programmatic desensitization of the German people toward the Jewish population.”

Yesterday, J.T. Ready, a neo-Nazi and member of the anti-immigrant Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, reportedly strapped on body armor, grabbed several firearms, and then killed four people in Gilbert, Arizona. One of the dead is a toddler. Ready also was killed in this incident, although reports vary on whether he took his own life. At the time of his death, Ready was running for Pinal County sheriff.

Ready’s beliefs were extreme even among extremists. In 2007, for example, he wrotethat illegal immigration occurs because “negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka [sic]. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in.” Yet Ready traveled surprisingly close to the center of power in his state. Ready claims he was a protégé to former Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce (R), the author of Arizona’s harsh immigration law who was recently removed from office in a recall election, and there is ample documentation that the two men knew each other and that Pearce once supported Ready politically.

Pearce and Ready’s relationship stretches back at least to 2004, when Pearce ordained Ready as an elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. By 2006, when Ready ran for Mesa City Council — a campaign that sputtered after the public learned that Ready was once court-martialed and kicked out of the Marine Corps — he received Pearce’s endorsement. Ready also claims that he was with Pearce’s son Josh when Josh Pearce got a tattoo of an iron eagle with a swastika on his neck and chest, but that he also talked Josh out of joining a skinhead group.

h/t: Ian Millhiser at Think Progress Justice