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There are few events in the modern era that evoke revulsion as much as the attempted annihilation of an entire people based on their religion. No, this particular event is not the neo-conservative movement’s drive to wipe out Muslims; that is another story. The Holocaust was a human atrocity on such a grand scale that it still evokes abject disgust among any decent human being regardless their religious or national background, and just mentioning Nazi elicits outrage amongst all but the worst representatives of humanity. Over the past few days, Republicans rallied around one of the America’s worst representatives of humanity and aligned themselves with pedophile, draft dodger, racist, and now Nazi sympathizer Ted Nugent. There is a saying that a person is known by the company they keep, and the Republicans praising, excusing and defending Ted Nugent should be regarded as Nazi sympathizers.

Last month when Nugent launched a barrage of derogatory comments about President Barack Obama at a gun expo in Las Vegas, he described the President as “a communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel.” Nugent calling the President a communist is typical for the archetypical white-trash racist assailing Barack Obama for leading the Executive branch while being African American. However, Nugent’s use of “subhuman mongrel” marked a new low that Republicans embraced through their defense, and implied approval, of Nugent’s Nazi remarks. They could hardly condemn Nugent because they support whipping racists and gun-zealots into frenzy against this President since it worked so effectively for Nazis in their drive to exterminate Jews.

It is unclear why only Wolf Blitzer criticized Nugent for channeling Nazis, and why main stream media is not reporting that Republicans are praising and defending the Nazi sympathizer Nugent. Blitzer said last week “That’s what the Nazis called Jews to justify the genocide of the Jewish community. They called them ‘untermenschen,’ subhuman mongrels. If you read some of the literature that the Nazis put out there, there is a long history of that specific phrase he used involving the president of the United States.” According to a historian at the University of California at Los Angeles, David Myers, Adolph Hitler used the word “untermensch,” or subhuman, in his book Mein Kampf in 1925 and “from that point forward, it was part of the Nazi lexicon. That and ‘mischling’ or mongrel, were intoned with daily regularity by the Nazi propaganda machine.” The world knows how that propaganda succeeded, and yet there has been little to no harsh condemnation of Nugent’s Nazi propaganda against President Obama in national media.

There can be little doubt that Nugent deliberately chose the Nazi phrase as propaganda, but Republicans have barely chastised Nugent for using what they call “inappropriate” language. The same day Blitzer reported that Nugent used Nazi propaganda to criticize the President, Politifact rated Blitzer’s assertions as absolutely true. Still, Texas gubernatorial hopeful Gregg Abbot welcomed Nugent’s campaign assistance and Ted Cruz defended and praised Nugent claiming “there are reasons people listen to him, which is that he has been fighting passionately for Second Amendment rights. And this administration has demonstrated an incredible hostility to the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.” Cruz or Nugent cannot cite one instance of this President’s “incredible hostility to the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens,” but truth is of no consequence to Republicans or Nugent in their demonization of President Obama.

Cruz’s is as bad as Nugent for praising the Nazi sympathizer, and in what CNN and the Washington Post falsely labeled an apology, Nugent reciprocated and praised Texan gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, representative Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, and governor Rick Perry that Wolf Blitzer could not shame into condemning Nugent’s Nazi propaganda. The most Blitzer could get out of Perry was that Nugent’s remarks were “inappropriate,” and it is likely all any media will get from Republicans, at least from Texas Republicans. It is important to remember that Nugent’s Nazi comments were not for politicians, they were for racist gun-fanatics who embrace Nugent as their prototypical warrior against President Obama.

According to the president and CEO of the Outdoor Channel, Jim Liberatore, who could hardly contain his glowing praise for Nugent while parroting Ted Cruz, “Ted Nugent symbolizes everything that is right in our industry and represents our viewers as an outspoken patriot, a skilled outdoorsman, and a devoted family man. His programs have a powerful, zealous fan base with unmatched engagement levels.” It is no coincidence that Nugent used Nazi propaganda at a gun expo he knew his racist supporters would hear to whip them into intense anti-Obama frenzy. It is also no coincidence that Texas Republicans are tripping over themselves to praise Nugent instead of condemning his embrace of terminology that incited decent German people into Holocaust facilitators. Sadly, there are millions of racists in America who would participate in an attempt to wipe people of color off the face of America, and instead of immediately condemning and distancing themselves from Ted Nugent, Texas Republicans could only praise him for his opposition to the President and follow Willard Romney’s example and welcome his support for their candidacy.

There is a tendency to criticize anyone for comparing Republican propaganda tactics to Nazis, but in this case comparing Republican support of Nugent’s Nazi propaganda is warranted. For over five years Republicans have given tacit approval to, and participated in advancing, propaganda criticizing President Obama as an interloper, not being American, and an illegal President.  Nugent exceeded their efforts by resorting to Nazi propaganda that led to the worst human atrocity in history. Americans should make no mistake that Nugent’s Nazi remarks were not meant to ramp up hate towards Barack Obama or Americans who support him.

Americans should be aware that racist pedophile, draft dodger, and National Rifle Association director Nugent regards any American who does not comport with his vision of America is a hated enemy and unwelcome in his perverse America. Besides failing to condemn Nugent and his Republican cheer-leaders’ defense for using Nazi terminology, there was little reporting that during his Nazi propaganda rant he spared no Democrats from his vile remarks. He said, “I think America will be America again when Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Michael Bloomberg and all the liberal Democrats are in jail facing the just due punishment that their treasonous acts are clearly apparent.” Nugent’s inclusion of “all the liberal Democrats in jail” is tantamount to Nazi propagandists lumping all Jews together and it leads one to wonder if “in jail” was code for in concentration camps or worse. Main stream media, Texas Republicans, and anyone defending, excusing, or praising Nugent are as guilty as the racist pedophile because their reluctance to condemn or distance themselves from him is implied approval to use dangerous Nazi propaganda against the President.

From the 01.17.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:


The controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has focused mainly on his comments about homosexuality and bestiality, and to a lesser degree, his assertion that black people in the Jim Crow South were happier, but in the GQ interview that started it all, Robertson also equated Muslims with Nazis. Like his other controversial statements, this is nothing new for Robertson, who explained to an Arkansas congregation, in 2008, what would “do in the Muslims,” as well as “the Chinese,” and that Muslims are “famous for murder.”

In the middle of his speech before the Hillsboro Church of Christ in El Dorado, AR, Robertson asked “What will do the Muslims (pronounced “Moose-limbs”) in?”

Brandishing his Bible, Robertson answered “Violations of the law, that’s what’ll do ‘em in.”

“What will do the Chinese in, if they don’t turn to Jesus?” Robertson asked, then answered “One violation.”

Later in the speech, Robertson talked about those who are “controlled by the evil one.”

“That’s why they run jet aircraft into buildings, because they’re under control of the evil one, that’s why they rob and kidnap and rape and pillage, because they’re under control of the evil one. That’s why they murder, from the Nazis, to the Shintoists, to the communists to this latest crop!”

“You say ‘Why do they murder, why do they hate us?!” Robertson bellowed, slapping the podium. “Because all of them, those four groups, 80 years of history, they all want to conquer the world, they all rejected Jesus, and they’re all famous for murder. Nazis, Shintoists, communists, and the Muhammadists.”

In case anyone thought he was referring only to some bad apples, Robertson added “Every one of them, the same way.”

Toward the end of the speech, though, Robertson did tell the congregation to “Love your neighbor,” adding “I don’t care if he’s black, I don’t care if he’s one of these Muslims.”

h/t: Tommy Christopher at Mediaite

Reality star Tila Tequila converts to Nazism, calls herself ‘Hitila’ in anti-Semitic new song (via Raw Story )

NEW: How Tila Tequila’s new embrace of Adolf Hitler is going down with white supremacists Reality television star Tila Tequila emerged from a year of relative obscurity by apparently celebrating a former associate’s death and expressing sympathy…


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The violentextreme right Golden Dawn, a Greek political party implicated in organized crime, has found an ally in VDARE’s Nicholas Stix, who claims that “Golden Dawn is simply resisting this genocidal process.” He lauds Golden Dawn for “resisting the extermination of the Greek people” in the face of “mass non-white, Third World immigration.”

“And if they want to survive, other Western nations will, one way or another, have to make the same choice – no matter what names they are called,” Stix writes.


I knew that someone on the US far-right would defend Golden Dawn eventually. 

h/t: Brian Tashman at RWW

(Reuters) - Arm raised in a Nazi-style salute, the leader of Greece’s fastest-rising political party surveyed hundreds of young men in black T-shirts as they exploded into cheers. Their battle cry reverberated through the night: Blood! Honour! Golden Dawn!

"We may sometimes raise our hand this way, but these hands are clean, not dirty. They haven’t stolen," shouted Nikolaos Mihaloliakos as he stood, floodlit, in front of about 2,000 diehard party followers filling an open-air amphitheatre at Goudi park, a former military camp near Athens.

"We were dozens, then a few hundred. Now we’re thousands and it’s only the beginning," cried the leader of Golden Dawn, a far-right party that is seeing its support soar amid Greece’s economic collapse. Last month’s rally revealed the party, which describes itself as nationalist and pledges to expel all illegal foreigners, has a new-found sense of triumph, even a swagger, that some find menacing.

Riding a wave of public anger at corrupt politicians, austerity and illegal immigration, Golden Dawn has seen its popularity double in a few months. A survey by VPRC, an independent polling company, put the party’s support at 14 percent in October, compared with the seven percent it won in June’s election.

Political analysts see no immediate halt to its meteoric ascent. They warn that Golden Dawn, which denies being neo-Nazi despite openly adopting similar ideology and symbols, may lure as many as one in three Greek voters.

"As long as the political system doesn’t change and doesn’t put an end to corruption, this phenomenon will not be stemmed," said Costas Panagopoulos, chief of ALCO, another independent polling company. "Golden Dawn can potentially tap up to 30 percent of voters."

The party now lies third in the polls, behind conservative New Democracy and the main opposition, the radical leftist Syriza. Violent behavior by Golden Dawn members, who often stroll through run-down Athens neighborhoods harassing immigrants, seems to boost rather than hurt the party’s standing.

As the government imposes yet more austerity on an enraged public, the collapse of the ruling conservative-leftist coalition remains on the political horizon. The possibility that Golden Dawn could capture second place in a snap election is slim but real, say pollsters.

Analysts believe that, ultimately, the party lacks the broad appeal and structure needed to gain mass traction. In World War Two Greece suffered massacres and famine in its fight against the Nazis, and the spectre of the 1967-1974 military junta still hangs heavy over its modern politics. So why are many Greeks now turning to a party whose emblems and rhetoric, critics say, resemble Hitler’s?

Golden Dawn denies any such resemblance. In an interview with Reuters at an open-air cafe in the Athens district of Papagou, a traditional neighbourhood for military personnel, Ilias Panagiotaros, a Golden Dawn lawmaker and spokesman, explained the party’s appeal. “Golden Dawn is the only institution in this country that works. Everything else has stopped working or is partially working,” he said.

"We operate like a well-organized army unit, because the military is the best institution in any country." Greece’s far-right party goes on the offensive (PDF) > Greece’s other debt problem (PDF)

Short, squat and combative, Mihaloliakos once praised Hitler and denied the Nazi gas chambers existed. A former special forces commando in the Greek army, he met the leaders of the Greek military junta while in prison for carrying illegal weapons and explosives as a member of a far-right group in 1979.

When pressed on such issues, Golden Dawn says they are all in the past and it is looking to the future.

For years after Mihaloliakos founded the party in 1985 it remained marginal: in the 2009 elections Golden Dawn won just 0.29 percent of the vote, or fewer than 20,000 votes. Yet in June, the party amassed votes from across the political spectrum, wiping out the more moderate nationalist LAOS party and winning support from as far left as the communist KKE party, pollsters said.

Now it is stealing votes from New Democracy, which flip-flopped on the international bailout keeping Greece afloat and, after coming to power, imposed harsh cuts instead of relief measures. Though Golden Dawn attracts mainly urban male voters up to 35 years old, the party is also gaining its share of women and the elderly, primarily those suffering unemployment or falling living standards, say pollsters.

Part of its appeal is down to the sort of welfare work that Hamas, the Palestinian party, does in Gaza. Golden Dawn distributes food in poor neighborhoods, helps old ladies get money safely from ATMs - and has also set up a Greeks-only blood bank.

A short film showed highlights of the year, which included attacks on immigrant street vendors, clashes with police outside parliament and food distribution to the poor. When the film showed Golden Dawn lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris slapping a female communist lawmaker, Liana Kanelli, across the face on live TV, youths bellowed profanities against the victim.

"Golden Dawn’s target is simple. We want the absolute majority in parliament so we can replace the constitution with our own," Kasidiaris told the crowd. “It will then be easy to immediately arrest and deport all illegal immigrants.”

Pollsters were ready to write off the party when Kasidiaris slapped Kanelli after she swatted him with some papers during a dispute he was having with a Syriza lawmaker. Kasidiaris says he was defending himself; Kanelli says she was coming to the aid of the Syriza lawmaker after Kasidiaris had thrown water at her.

Painting Golden Dawn as an aberration stemming from the financial crisis, pollsters said the party’s support would dwindle. The opposite happened - the party gained 3 to 4 percentage points in polls as a direct result of the Kasidiaris incident.

In parliament Golden Dawn’s 18 lawmakers cluster in a rear corner of the marble-covered hall, but make no attempt to hide their ideology. Recently, Panagiotaros asked the welfare ministry to find out which babies admitted to state day-care centers were actually Greek. Eleni Zaroulia, wife of party leader Mihaloliakos and also a lawmaker, described immigrants as “every sort of sub-human who invades our country carrying all sorts of diseases.”

Artemis Matthaiopoulos, another Golden Dawn lawmaker, was formerly the bassist for a heavy metal band called Pogrom, which produced songs such as “Speak Greek or Die” and “Auschwitz”.

Rights groups say racist attacks in Greece have been surging, but that many immigrants are reluctant to report them because of their illegal status or mistrust of the police.

Like other victims, he accuses Greek police of supporting Golden Dawn and hindering immigrants in reporting attacks. In a July report, advocacy group Human Rights Watch said gangs of Greeks were regularly attacking immigrants with impunity and authorities were ignoring victims or discouraging them from filing complaints.

Greek police deny accusations they are soft on, or even sometimes work with, Golden Dawn. Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has vehemently denied reports that police were beating up illegal immigrants and has threatened to sue British newspaper The Guardian over the issue. He is at such odds with Golden Dawn that the party ridiculed him during the youth festival at Goudi park.

But a member of the police officers’ union, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, admitted there was some sympathy for the party among the ranks. “There are some among the police who ideologically support Golden Dawn and a handful that have been violent against illegal immigrants,” the unionist said. “But these cases are being probed by justice.”

H/T: Reuters