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I just read a very interesting article on Busan Haps by Bobby McGill. It does a good job presenting the side of Psy that not many people care to bring up today: the guy who was dumping gasoline on the anti-American bonfire that raged following the tragic death of two school girls who were crushed by a U.S. military vehicle in 2002.

I was here in 2002, and it was intense. Restaurants were putting up signs that said, “No Americans.” Psy was just a kid at the time, and I am sure that he was caught up in the emotion. Still, Psy’s more risqué or controversial performances are becoming more and more well known, and all those kids listening to Gangnam style may not want to see the same guy singing something like, “Kill the yankees and their daughters, mothers, and fathers” on YouTube.

I do find it interesting that we have never seen a modern Korean artist of considerable fame do any anti-North Korean song or performance. After the bombings last year, there was barely a whimper let a lone a giant spectacle produced by Psy or anyone else to buoy the spirits of the families who were victims of the North Korean shelling.  At least I don’t recall such a thing. If there was, please let me know.


h/t: Korea Law Today