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Thank the Lord he’s NOT our VP right now. 


Dark Horse candidates that I’d also wager: Tim Huelskamp, Marsha Blackburn, Todd Rokita, and/or Jim Bridenstine could be considered for leadership roles. 
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Wisconsin will become the 20th state to legalize marriage equality, once the likely stay gets lifted. Three states bordering Wisconsin have legalized such marriages: Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.  

And the likes of Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, Glenn Grothman, Mark Belling, Paul Ryan, VCY America, and Charlie Sykes are not happy about this news at all.


On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) released his new budget blueprint for fiscal year 2015. It contains many of the same cuts to social safety net and low-income assistance programs as his previous proposals — including sweeping changes to Medicare that would turn the health care program for the elderly into a “premium support” plan that forces American seniors to pay more for their coverage.

Ryan’s new Medicare proposal hews to the same basic structure as his previous premium support plans — in essence, a system of insurance vouchers. Under the plan, future Medicare beneficiaries would have the option of choosing between traditional fee-for-service Medicare or a list of private health plans and receive a subsidy to help pay the chosen policy’s premium. Unlike previous Ryan budgets, however, seniors who are currently 55 or younger would be forced into this alternative system, likely breaking a pledge House Republicans made last year promising that current 55-year-olds would be able to stay on traditional Medicare.

Ryan emphasizes that his proposal still gives seniors the choice of remaining in regular Medicare. But what he doesn’t mention is that his plan makes Medicare so expensive that millions of seniors will likely be forced to switch into the private plans. While Ryan employs a different type of bidding system for private health plans under his 2015 blueprint that softens his plan’s topline effect on beneficiaries’ costs, an earlier Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of Medicare premium support systems found that plans such as Ryan’s would increase traditional Medicare premiums by a staggering 50 percent.

The millions of seniors who are forced over to private plans would also find themselves with different doctors and narrower coverage networks under Ryancare — ironic considering Republicans’ unabashed outrage over news that the Affordable Care Act had canceled about three or four million skimpy insurance policies. But unlike Obamacare, Ryan doesn’t require his replacement private plans to have a more robust base level of consumer protections and benefits than beneficiaries’ previous coverage.

Low-income seniors would be particularly hurt by the Ryan approach to Medicare since it would also raise the Medicare eligibility threshold. Since Ryan’s plan also dismantles Obamacare, including the health law’s Medicaid expansion, this would be a major blow to the poor and elderly who are just on the cusp of Medicaid eligibility. These people would be unlikely to qualify for Medicaid absent the ACA’s expansion and many of them would be forced to continue working simply for the sake of retaining their employer-sponsored coverage, a phenomenon known as “job lock.” Seniors who aren’t lucky enough to receive employer coverage would have to try their luck in an individual market absent Obamacare’s consumer protections and industry reforms, meaning they may be charged exorbitant rates for having poor health or denied health insurance altogether.

A full CBO analysis of Ryan’s new budget plan is necessary in order to evaluate its overall effect on seniors. But the blueprint Ryan released today suggests that it boils down to seniors paying a bigger chunk of money for their care or having fewer coverage options.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) condemned Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s “divisive” remarks labeling her a “race hustler” in a statement released Wednesday.

In a March 26 statement, Lee responded to O’Reilly description of her as a “race hustler” and called for an end to the use of such language in the national discourse. Lee was attacked by O’Reilly for her reaction to comments by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) that blamed poverty on a “real culture problem” he said persisted “in our inner cities”  where men were not “learning the value and the culture of work.” Lee took offense to those comments as a “thinly veiled racial attack.” She called O’Reilly’s comments “disgusting and divisive” and said that they “should never be accepted in our national discourse.”

During the March 25 edition of Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly attempted to defend the remarks made by Ryan by attacking Lee and accused her of exploiting Ryan’s comment for political gain, deeming her a “race hustler.” 

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Will Mark Levin’s vulgar analysis of Hillary Clinton finally be enough to keep top GOP officials off his show?

On the March 21 edition of his radio show, Levin highlighted a Gallup poll showing that the majority of respondents, 18 percent, feel Clinton’s gender is the most positive aspect of her potential presidency. Levin summarized the results by asking "Hillary Clinton’s gender? Do they mean her genitalia is her top 2016 selling point? Is that what that means?" Levin later said "But the key is it’s her genitalia. That’s why so many people would vote for her. I wonder if Bill Clinton would vote for her because of that. He seems to — well, he likes genitalia but maybe not hers."

Levin has a long history of offensive commentary on his radio show. He has accused President Obama of abusing children, compared marriage equality to incest, polygamy, and drug use, compared supporters of the Affordable Care Act to Nazi “brown shirts,” and advocated for Obama to be impeached.

Despite this rhetoric, prominent conservatives have given tacit approval to Levin’s views by appearing on his show. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called into his show as recently as February. Levin hosted House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to talk about the new budget agreement reached in December. Levin criticized Ryan’s budget deal with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) later that month.

Levin’s hateful rhetoric has also earned him praise from the conservative community — he was recently named the winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award. He is also listed as one of the speakers on the NRA’s “Leadership Forum” in April, speaking alongside other prominent conservative GOP leaders like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Marco Rubio (R-FL).

From the 03.21.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Mark Levin Show:

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Conservative extremists want to make children work (likely a violation of child labor laws) for their school lunches and/or end the programs altogether. Also, it is part of their strategy of dog-whistling tactics to shame the poor and attacking unionized school personnel.

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Economists: Paul Ryan misusing our data to misinform about poverty programs.

Your Least Surprising News Item of the Day. If he’s not just stupid and misunderstanding the data, then Paul Ryan is deliberately twisting the data to attack poverty programs that he knows work. If you ever needed proof that Ryan’s concern for the poor is as fake as a game show host’s grin, this ought to do the trick.

That doesn’t say good things about Paul Ryan’s moral code or his economic priorities.

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Wis. Teacher Refuses Award From Paul Ryan During MLK Ceremony: ‘Lackey for the 1%’

A Wisconsin teacher refused to accept an award from Rep. Paul Ryan during a ceremony last week, saying he couldn’t do so “in good conscience” because of the Republican congressman’s politics.

Al Levie, a high school social studies teacher in Racine, Wis., was one of three recipients of a Martin Luther King Jr. humanitarian award during a celebration honoring the late civil rights leader. Ryan, who represents the district, was on hand to present congressional recognitions to each award winner, the Kenosha News reported:

After Ryan spoke, Levie criticized the congressman’s policies before being walked off the stage. Levie had earlier stated that he would like to see collective bargaining restored in Wisconsin, fair immigration reform and a fair tax system among other suggestions.

In a video of the ceremony, Ryan is seen stepping from behind the podium to hand the award to Levie, who backs away and instead turns to speak to the audience. His words aren’t audible, but according to the video’s captions he said, “I can’t in good conscience accept this award, as a humanitarian, Paul Ryan stands for everything I don’t believe in.”

"Oh come on," one person is heard saying.

"For the kids!" someone else adds.


"I would not accept the award from Paul Ryan because Paul Ryan is a lackey for the 1 percent," he said. "Paul Ryan had no business at a Martin Luther King event, it’s totally hypocritical. On the one hand he votes to slash health care, while on the other hand, King dedicated his life and he died for it, for people to have adequate healthcare, to have adequate jobs."

"King made it very clear that he was on the side of working people," he continued. "Ryan on the other hand, he has absolutely no affinity for the working class and for him to come to an event where somebody of King’s stature was honored is wrong."

Al Levie is a hero for standing up to low-life Congressscum Paul Ryan and telling him to pike off.

Walker and the disastrous extremist GOP agenda’s toast in 2014!!

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Congressman Paul Ryan, you are delusional if you think that repealing Obamacare countless more times is a good idea. 

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