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h/t: Casey Bischel at Columbia Missourian

So glad that the City of Arnold, Missouri (where my Mom lives) is introducing a resolution against the proposed “right-to-work” for less (RTWFL) bill HB1770. 


Sign the petition to say NO to RTWFL in Missouri: 

h/t: Olivia Sandbothe at AFSCME

Hopefully the Missouri House GOP doesn’t succeed in getting the 82+ votes needed to pass anti-worker HB1770 for it to get sent to the Senate. 
Call or email your Missouri State Representative now to tell them to vote NO on anti-worker RTWFL bill HB1770 to keep the Show Me State from being put on the Right To Work For Less list!!! 

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Great news for Missouri!!! It will NOT be a Right To Work For Less state!!! 

Missouri Lt. Gov Peter Kinder (R)’s lying like usual:


h/t: Kenneth Quinnell at AFL-CIO

Let’s hope the attempt to make the Show-Me State a Right To Work For Less state fails in the Missouri House today!

Missouri voters should reject RTWFL, if it comes to the ballot!! 

Will they or won’t they?

The question gripping the capital is if the House will take up Right to Work legislation, which would prohibit union membership from being required as a condition of employment.

The evidence suggests they will.

First, take part of this tweet from Grover Norquist this past week: “Missouri House will vote to put “Right to Work” on the August ballot next week.”

The tweet did not come from some random observer. This was tweeted by the Grover Norquist — the man who is famous nationally for his crusade against taxes and for smaller government.

Exactly how Norquist would know what the House is going to do this coming week remains a mystery. But the liberal advocacy group Progress Missouri said Norquist’s tweet points to national involvement in the Right to Work debate.

Second, on Thursday the American Conservative Union sent me an unsolicited email noting the group will be sending letters to lawmakers urging them to support Right to Work. The email, from Meghan Snyder, the organization’s communications director, said the House would vote Tuesday on the bill.

I emailed back to Snyder asking how the American Conservative Union knows when the vote will take place. She never replied back.

Third, statements from bill sponsor Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Springfield, suggest the House is nearing a debate.

“Now it’s kind of getting close to the time and it’s looking like it’s really going to happen, there’s a lot of eyes on it,” Burlison told me Friday.

The skeptic in me is still surprised a debate seems at hand. After all, this is an incredibly divisive issue. There’s no guarantee supporters will prevail on a vote.

The House barely passed so-called Paycheck Protection, which bans unions from collecting employee fees for political purposes without annual written permission from workers, on Thursday. The vote was 83-69, only one vote above the 82 needed to pass legislation.

In addition, in the past lawmakers have often been more talk than action on Right to Work. Last year’s Right to Work bill was never debated on the floor, much less voted on, despite House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, expressing support for the idea early in session.

Anything can still happen. But everything I’ve read or heard suggests lawmakers are as close to a debate as they’ve ever been.

So hold on to your seats. I think things are about to get interesting.

Could Missouri be the next state to join the “Right To Work” For Less club? 
There will possibly be a House vote this week on this issue, and I hope to see the vote to make the Show-Me State an RTWFL state a major failure. 
If this gets on the August ballot, please vote NO to making Missouri RTWFL! 

h/t: Jonathan Shorman at Springfield News-Leader

Hopefully Missourians reject the anti-worker scam known as “right to work for less” (RTWFL) when it likely gets put on the ballot in August. 
ANY Missouri politician who votes for RTWFL should be denied communion. 

h/t: Marie French at

Missouri becoming an RTWFL state is bad!!
(Image via Protect MO Families’ Facebook Page.)

Missouri becoming an RTWFL state is bad!!

(Image via Protect MO Families’ Facebook Page.)