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While the state of Missouri celebrates that one of its most recent college football stars, Michael Sam, will remain in The Show Me State with the St. Louis Rams, his high-profile job may be a galvanizing force for securing LGBT rights in Missouri.

Sam, who will report to the team in July for training, may become a symbol for efforts to overturn Missouri’s laws on marriage equality, or address its workplace antidiscrimination protections, and other LGBT rights issues, according to USA Today.

The state’s current nondiscrimination act currently does not include protections for LGBT workers, according to the statewide equality organization, PROMO. The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act, or MONA, is up for consideration, and would extend the existing law to prohibit employment, housing, and public accommodation discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill was the subject of a public hearing in March, but has yet to pass.

Dara Strickland, an attorney and the board president of the LGBT Community Center in St. Louis, said a gay person can apply for jobs in the state, but there “there’s no protection for bwing asked, ‘By the way, are you gay?’ and being explicitly told, ‘You know, we don’t hire gay people.’”

As far as marriage equality, the state has had a constitutional ban on the books since 2004. In February, the ACLU and PROMO filed a lawsuit challenging the ban on behalf of eight same-sex couples.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Missouri also lacks LGBT protections for housing, public accommodations, and has limited protections against bullying for LGBT students. The state does address hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

On the Schlafly name battle, I’d say Phyllis Schlafly (who is a disgrace to her gender and this country with her far-right views) has lost this battle to the beer maker Tom Schlafly.
Please go away, Mrs. “Stop ERA” Schlafly! 

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ST. LOUIS • Longtime reporter and weekend show host Charles Jaco is leaving KTVI (Channel 2), according to the station.

“After 11 years of journalistic service to St. Louis, Fox 2 and reporter Charles Jaco have mutually agreed to part ways,” the station’s general manager, Spencer Koch, said in a statement. “We thank Charles for his service and wish him all the best in his future plans and pursuits.”

KTVI’s news director, Audrey Prywitch, emailed the statement to the Post-Dispatch but declined to comment further.

Jaco addressed his departure on Twitter, saying: “From Iraq in ’03 to Todd Akin in ’12, a great time. Thanks, guys! Now working on new book. Stay tuned!”

Jaco, 63, gave no details and could not be reached for comment.

Before joining KTVI in 2003, Jaco worked for KMOX-AM for seven years. He worked at CNN before that, reporting on the Persian Gulf War from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait City. He is a native of Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Jaco has also has hosted a weekend talk show, “The Jaco Report,” which drew national headlines for his August 2012 interview with then-Congressman Todd Akin of Wildwood.

The interview during Akin’s run for the U.S. Senate became controversial when Jaco asked Akin about his opposition to abortion in instances of rape. Akin answered that pregnancies caused by rape were rare, adding “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

KTVI is owned by the Tribune Co., which closed on a deal last year to buy KTVI and 15 other television stations from Local TV Holdings for $2.7 billion.

A very sad day for St. Louis and integrity in STL media. Charles Jaco was a great truth-teller who kept Todd Akin out of office. 

This is the 2nd stupid blunder that Fox2/KPLR11 has been made in the past 2 months. 
First, the infamous scheduling swap that got Angie Mock ejected off the morning shift (thus putting Kim Hudson in Mock’s old slot, and Anthony Kiekow in Hudson’s old slot), now this.

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KDNL will be back with its own in-house produced news for the 1st time since 2001, likely with a right-wing flair. 
That’s on the basis that KFTK morning host and former KMOV reporter Jamie Allman will be rumored to be the anchor and that KDNL’s parent company (Sinclair Broadcast Group) has a well-known conservative bias, which includes airing Armstrong Williams’ program The Right Side and the Mark Hyman commentaries. 

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Shame on KSDK for causing the Kirkwood High School lockdown. 
It’ll go down as the worst STL Media moment of 2014 so far along with the highly unnecessary scheduling swap at Fox2/KPLR that tossed Angie Mock off the morning news team and punted to evenings. 


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Petition for Damages

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Yet again, the despicable jerkoff Dana Loesch is still acting like a whiny little brat over the highly offensive Missouri State Fair incident this past Saturday. Today, she is smearing Tishaura Jones (D), St. Louis City’s treasurer, for correctly explaining on Twitter that most of the anti-Obama hate on the right is indeed racially motivated.

And what Jones said was exactly right on, which made Loesch infuriated. 

Her blogpost that falsely accused Tishaura Jones of being a “bully.”:

Would you like to kindly object to a city administrator behaving in such a clearly prejudiced and unprofessional manner?

And no, Mrs. Loesch, Jones is NOT “inciting racism”; however, you and your POS ilk are.

Anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s policies in itself is NOT racist. It’s when it gets to “Obama’s a Muslim,” “Obama needs to show his birth certificate”, “Obama’s pandering to ‘lazy welfare cheats’”, or “he’s gonna take away our guns”-type rhetoric is where criticism of Obama is likely to be racially motivated.

Loesch being her deluded self. 

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KMOV was RIGHT to get rid of Larry Conners.