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Texas ‘Boats ‘N Hoes’ PAC with links to GOP candidates sinks after bipartisan criticism (via Raw Story )

A Texas GOP political action committee will be shut down on Thursday after being denounced by Democrats and disavowed by gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott over its name, the Texas Tribune reported. Allen Blakemore, a political consultant based out…


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Phyllis Schlafly has never been a big fan of feminism or of efforts to promote equality between men and women in general. Schlafly is, after all, notorious for her stated belief that it is impossible for a husband to ever rape his wife because “when you get married you have consented to sex.

Given this sort of outlook, it is not surprising that Schlafly opposes things like the Paycheck Fairness Act and efforts to close the gender pay gap, arguing in an op-ed published in Christianity Today that closing the pay gap will actually harm women.

As Schlafly sees it, women want to marry a man who makes more money than they do.  As such, if women and men make the same amount, then women will be less likely to get married because they will be “unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate.”

The solution, obviously, is to increase the pay gap so that men will earn more than women so that women, in turn, will have a better opportunity to find husbands:

Another fact is the influence of hypergamy, which means that women typically choose a mate (husband or boyfriend) who earns more than she does. Men don’t have the same preference for a higher-earning mate.

While women prefer to HAVE a higher-earning partner, men generally prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship. This simple but profound difference between the sexes has powerful consequences for the so-called pay gap.

Suppose the pay gap between men and women were magically eliminated. If that happened, simple arithmetic suggests that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate.

Obviously, I’m not saying women won’t date or marry a lower-earning men, only that they probably prefer not to. If a higher-earning man is not available, many women are more likely not to marry at all.

The best way to improve economic prospects for women is to improve job prospects for the men in their lives, even if that means increasing the so-called pay gap.


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Former sheriff: Women ‘need to be the first ones shot’ by feds in Bundy Ranch standoff (via Raw Story )

A former Arizona sheriff who has taken the side of cattle ranchers in Nevada said this week that he would allowed his own wife and daughters to be shot as human shields because it would look bad for the federal government on television. In a statement…




Trigger warning: This article discusses rape and sexual assault. Please read with caution.

My back was pressed up against plexiglass, a wall of windows facing out into the hallway. I was on display, an exhibit for other college students to peer at as they walked to their classes.

The counselor opened up a cabinet behind her — it was stuffed with off-brand tissue boxes, and I wondered if that was all she had in those cabinets. She set a box on her desk, within my reach.

“How is the wedding planning going?”

“We’re not getting married anymore,” I told her. “He called it off.”

My ex was smacking his lips, brownie crumbs on the corners of his mouth. He looked at me and told me: “I just can’t trust that you’re going to be a godly, submissive wife.” I cringed.

The counselor was trying to be empathic to my situation. She looked at me and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. That’s horrible.”

“Yeah,” I answered.

The counselor’s expression changed. She asked, “Was there, possibly,sexual sin?”

“Well, I don’t know how to talk about it,” I told her.

Cold, shivering, my back against blue shag carpet. Pain, cursing, “No, no, please, no,” falling out of my mouth.

“If there was sin in your relationship with him, Samantha, you need to repent of it,” she cooed. “Unrepentance can do so much damage to your heart.”

“I don’t think, I don’t think I would call what happened sin, though,” I stammered. “He — he hurt me.”

“It’s important, though, that you face what you are responsible for,” she continued as I sat there in disbelief. “If you don’t repent, then your relationship with God is broken and can’t be mended. You need God’s grace and forgiveness — and you need to forgive your ex as well. If you don’t forgive him, then bitterness will take seed and that bitterness will be so much worse than anything he could have done.”


The secretary looked up from her notepad and keyboard.

“They said that if I wanted to change my chapel seat, it would have to be approved by Student Life?”

“And why do you need to change your seat assignment?”

“My ex, he — well, he follows me around after chapel and it’s making me uncomfortable.”

The dean emerged from her office. “What do you mean?”

“He sits two rows directly behind me, and he waits for me when chapel is over, then he follows me around, trying to talk to me,” I told them.

“This sounds like a personal issue that needs to be resolved between the two of you.”

“But I’ve tried. I’ve asked him so many times to stop — to just leave me alone. But he doesn’t. He follows me everywhere, and he says horrible things, and causes scenes.”

“From what we’ve heard, you’re the one causing scenes,” the dean told me. “You could learn a little self-control. Stop antagonizing him, and he’ll eventually leave you alone.”


I graduated from Pensacola Christian College, a fundamentalist Christian school in Florida. I enrolled there because my family and I honestly believed that I would be safe there. We believed that the dangers present at secular colleges were absent from PCC’s campus — there was no partying, no drinking, no drugs, and most especially no sex.

The reality was much different and much harsher. I wasn’t safe. At all.

Over the years that I was in a relationship with another PCC student, I was manipulated, verbally attacked, physically abused, sexually assaulted and raped. When I finally — finally­­ — had the courage to tell my ex that he couldn’t call me a “goddamn f**king bitch” anymore, he broke our engagement two weeks later.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was facing more than the end of a relationship.

Initially, the changes in the way people treated me at college were almost imperceptible — so slight I thought I was imagining things, that I was paranoid. Friends wouldn’t look me in the eye when they passed me on the sidewalk. People who used to smile and shout my name when they saw me started going out of their way to avoid me. RAs, once friendly, withdrew and began giving me demerits for the slightest infractions.

A month later, I was summoned to appear before a dean in Student Life, the administrative body responsible for enforcing their strict morality code. When that meeting gave the dean nothing to punish me with, she forced me into “counseling” — an experience that made me terrified of seeking professional help for years after I graduated. Not getting the help I needed means that, today, I still have panic attacks and night terrors.

My rapist stalked me until I graduated, following me around the cafeteria, to my classes, pestering me with a litany of Please, I just want to talk to you! Why won’t you talk to me?!”

And slowly, people I had believed were my friends pulled away. I called one of them, his roommate, hoping that he might be able to get him to leave me alone after the administration refused to help me. His only response: “You weren’t the person I thought you were. I’m not going to speak to you again.”

I was an outcast.

I didn’t understand what was happening, so I tried talking about some of what I’d been through with the few people who were still speaking to me. I opened up to someone, only for her to call me a liar a few days later and tell me that my rapist had “told her what had really happened.”

One of the few friends I had left was a graduate assistant. She had an apartment with a kitchen and let me keep a few groceries there. It was my last semester, and I only had two classes every morning. I would rush to class, afraid that my rapist would be waiting for me somewhere, then head straight to the GA’s room as soon as it was over.

I hid in her room for months. He couldn’t come anywhere near me as long as I was there, and I didn’t have to deal with people avoiding me, people abruptly stopping conversations, people making sure I could hear them mocking me.

At PCC, there is no recourse for someone like me. The only way to tell anyone what had happened to me would have been to march into the hostile Student Life offices and tell someone — which could have easily resulted in my expulsion. Even my attempt to explain to the counselor what my rapist had done only prompted her speech about repentance.

The student body, staff, and faculty are given absolutely no education whatsoever about abuse or violence or rape, and the only messages students do receive are Sunday school teachers who hold up half-eaten candy bars and torn apart roses and say, "This is what you are if you have sex.”

They don’t talk about consent, or show students what resources are available to them outside of Student Life, which is primarily focused on answering questions like, “What were you wearing? Were you alone with him?”

Pensacola Christian College markets itself as “one of the friendliest college campuses in America.”

In reality, it is one of the most dangerous places for abuse victims that I know.

Source: Samantha Field for XOJane

h/t: Laura Clawson at Daily Kos


Breitbart today launched the sub-site Breitbart California with a series of photoshopped images of leading Democrat and liberalsThe images are the work of Leonard Sabo, who created that poster of a tattoo-covered Ted Cruz. Above we see Nancy Pelosi as Miley Cyrus. Also posted is an image of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose head has been grafted onto the body of a topless woman for unknown reasons.


Right-wing newspaper publisher John Foreman is a total misogynist

John Foreman, the publisher of The News-Gazette, the local right-wing rag in Champaign-Urbana, went on C-U right-wing talk radio station WDWS-AM (which is owned by The News-Gazette) and delivered this sexist screed about Democratic nominee Ann Callis’s campaign in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois:

I think her message is not gelling because she doesn’t want her message to gel. I believe Ann Callis is making an effort to run for office and say as little as possible about what she would be or do. She’s making the point that she was a judge, that’s very admirable. She’s a very telegenic, attractive, lady who we saw a lot of her face in advertising. She’s the mother of a young man currently on active duty. Apart from that, relatively very few voters can tell you anything about Ann Callis, at least in this part of the district. And I think that’s the way she wants it to be. If she can stick to that, vote for me because of these things, she will.

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Sexist Pig Bryan Fischer: Women ‘Designed’ by God To Be Secretaries

Gender Discrimination Is Part Of Sexist Pig Bryan Fischer's Past

Bryan Fischer not only admitted, but gloated, about practicing gender discrimination his church because God designed men and women for different work.

God made women to be secretaries, not men, so gender discrimination is perfectly okay. That gem game from religious nut Bryan Fischer. He also admitted to discriminating on the basis of gender at his church. Specifically, he told men not to apply for secretarial or receptionist positions, because he wanted someone who sounded hospitable on the phones.

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‘Men’s rights’ group claims free self-defense classes for women are sexist (via Raw Story )

A “men’s rights” organization has objected to a pair of free self-defense classes for women in Glendale, California, violate the equal protection clause of the Fourth Amendment, the Glendale News-Press reported on Thursday. The classes, which…

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In a 1990 interview now available online for the first time, National Rifle Association board member and Outdoor Channel spokesperson Ted Nugent defended apartheid in South Africa, said that he uses racial expletives because he “hang[s] around with a lot of niggers,” and described the bizarre efforts he claims to have taken to avoid military service during the Vietnam War.

Snippets from “Ted Nugent Grows Up? Older, Bolder, Cruder, Ruder — And More Unprintable Than Ever,” published in Detroit Free Press Magazine on July 15, 1990, have been floating around on the Internet for years. Media Matters requested a copy of the interview from the Detroit Public Library, which archives the Free Press, to authenticate the statements.

Nugent has recently been the subject of widespread controversy after calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” during an appearance at a January gun industry trade show. That comment resurfaced the next month when Republican Texas governor hopeful Greg Abbott invited Nugent to campaign with him. Abbott’s decision created a firestorm of controversy around Nugent that only dissipated after he offered a disingenuous apology for his remark. Fallout continues from that controversy, as a Texas music festival recently announced it would pay Nugent not to show up for a planned performance.

The comments made by Nugent to Detroit Free Press Magazine demonstrate how his slur of Obama is par for the course for the NRA representative (all ellipses are DFP's):

Nugent On Race: Defends Apartheid, His Use Of The Word “N*gger”

Discussing the system of racial segregation enforced in South Africa at the time, Nugent said that “apartheid isn’t that cut-and-dry. All men are not created equal.” While claiming that he had “great respect” for the indigenous people of South Africa, Nugent called them “a different breed of man” claiming that “[t]hey still put bones in their noses, they still walk around naked, they wipe their butts with their hands”:

The 40,000-acre ranch he manages in South Africa is a particularly sore point. The ranch is used exclusively for bow hunting, Nugent’s passion.

"My being there isn’t going to affect any political structure," he says. "Besides, apartheid isn’t that cut-and-dry. All men are not created equal."

"The preponderance of South Africa is a different breed of man," Nugent says. "I mean that with no disrespect. I say that with great respect. I love them because I’m one of them. They are still people of the earth, but they are different. They still put bones in their noses, they still walk around naked, they wipe their butts with their hands. And when I kill an antelope for ‘em, their preference is the gut pile. That’s what they f***ing want to eat, the intestines. These are different people. You give ‘em toothpaste, they f***ing eat it…I hope they don’t become civilized. They’re way ahead of the game."

Nugent’s comments came a few months after Nelson Mandela was released following 27 years in prison.

Nugent also defended calling his music tour in Japan the “Jap Whack Tour” and his use of the word “nigger”:

Nugent sometimes talks and sings about women as if they were sexual toys. His conversations are peppered with the word “n*gger.” He calls his upcoming tour of Japan the “Jap Whack Tour.”

"I mean no disrespect. I’m sure the Japanese are wonderful folks…And if I’m with a bunch of guys, we may talk about babes in a certain way…I use the word nigger a lot because I hang around with a lot of niggers, and they use the word nigger, and I tend to use words that communicate…I don’t mean to offend. I’m a fun guy, not a sexist or racist."

Shemane Nugent Explains That Her Husband’s Sexism Is “Just An Act”

During the controversy surrounding Nugent’s “subhuman mongrel” remark, he was also widely criticized forhis misogynist attacks on women, including past characterizations of Hillary Clinton as a “toxic cunt” and “worthless bitch.”

As the Free Press interview notes, Nugent “sometimes talks and sings about women as if they were sexual toys.” Indeed, the interview quotes Nugent as saying, “When other guys were getting high, I would grab a couple babes, go squirrel hunting and see just how mini mini-skirts could get.”

The interview also contains a defense of Nugent’s sexism from his wife:

"I shouldn’t say this, because I know he has an image to uphold, but as far as the comments he makes to and about women, it’s just an act. The person on stage is not the person I know at home. Things come out of his mouth on stage that I’ve never heard before in my life. I think, ‘Who is that person up there?’ The music turns him into another person."

Nugent Says He Soiled Himself To Avoid Vietnam Among Other Bizarre Anecdotes

The Free Press reported that Nugent claimed he avoided service in Vietnam after showing up at his draft physical after “virtually living inside pants caked with his own excrement, stained by his urine.” Nugent described to the Free Press a process where “he stopped all forms of personal hygiene” and for 10 days before his physical “ingested nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi” while relieving himself in his own clothing.

Nugent also claimed that he would be the first to fight in a war prosecuted by Presidents Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush, but said about Vietnam, “[I]f I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed all the hippies in the foxholes…I would have killed everybody”:

Nevertheless, the song made the Dukes a national act. They began touring 250 nights a year or more. That’s when Uncle Sam told Nugent it was time to go to war, and Nugent told Sam to go to hell.

Nugent says his blood runs red, white, Reagan and Bush, and if they had a war — a real war — he would fight his way to the front line. He was proud to play the national anthem before a Detroit Pistons-Chicago Bulls Eastern Conference championship game.

And he is equally proud that the Michigan Legislature this year proclaimed him a “wholesome, traditional,” man of “honesty, integrity, loyalty and patriotism.”

But Nugent wanted no part of Vietnam. He claims that 30 days before his draft board physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days, he ingested nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi and a week before his physical, he stopped using bathrooms altogether, virtually living inside pants caked with his own excrement, stained by his urine. 

That spectacle won Nugent a deferment, he says, although the Free Press was unable to verify his draft status.

"The men who went should be applauded, but if I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed all the hippies in the foxholes…I would have killed everybody."

Among other anecdotes shared by Nugent was his claim that he played music loud enough to kill a bandmate’s aunt:

"We were practicing in the basement at this guy’s house once, his name was Gary Hicks, and his mother kept yelling at us to turn it down, and, of course, you can’t play rock’ n’ roll quietly, so we kept on playing.

"The next thing we know she’s yelling down, ‘YOU KILLED HER. SHE’S DEAD. GARY HELP ME.’ His aunt had keeled over and died right as I was playing a solo…That’s how loud we were."

Nugent also said he watched Jimi Hendrix die and his reaction was, “Yeah so what? What did you f***ing expect?”

"I knew I didn’t hold a candle to [Jimi Hendrix] with the guitar. But he was also a total dipsh— because he was always so high. I watched him die, and when they told me he was dead, I just said, ‘Yeah, so what? What did you f***ing expect?’"

The article also described an incident, which was apparently not disputed by Nugent, where he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon while wearing nothing but a loincloth:

On another occasion, he was arrested and jailed for three days for carrying a concealed weapon. While driving his girlfriend’s Volkswagen bug to a gig in Traverse City, he was stopped wearing only a loincloth and carrying a Bowie knife.

The full Free Press article:

"Ted Nugent Grows Up?" The Detroit Free Press Magazine, July 15, 1990


Will Mark Levin’s vulgar analysis of Hillary Clinton finally be enough to keep top GOP officials off his show?

On the March 21 edition of his radio show, Levin highlighted a Gallup poll showing that the majority of respondents, 18 percent, feel Clinton’s gender is the most positive aspect of her potential presidency. Levin summarized the results by asking "Hillary Clinton’s gender? Do they mean her genitalia is her top 2016 selling point? Is that what that means?" Levin later said "But the key is it’s her genitalia. That’s why so many people would vote for her. I wonder if Bill Clinton would vote for her because of that. He seems to — well, he likes genitalia but maybe not hers."

Levin has a long history of offensive commentary on his radio show. He has accused President Obama of abusing children, compared marriage equality to incest, polygamy, and drug use, compared supporters of the Affordable Care Act to Nazi “brown shirts,” and advocated for Obama to be impeached.

Despite this rhetoric, prominent conservatives have given tacit approval to Levin’s views by appearing on his show. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called into his show as recently as February. Levin hosted House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to talk about the new budget agreement reached in December. Levin criticized Ryan’s budget deal with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) later that month.

Levin’s hateful rhetoric has also earned him praise from the conservative community — he was recently named the winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award. He is also listed as one of the speakers on the NRA’s “Leadership Forum” in April, speaking alongside other prominent conservative GOP leaders like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Marco Rubio (R-FL).

From the 03.21.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Mark Levin Show:

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This Republican Bill Would Require People To Get Court Approval To Date Or Have Sex

GOP Bill Would Force People To Seek Permission From A Judge To Have Sex

This GOP bill would legislate the private lives of consenting adults, both men and women, and forces them to ask a court if they can have sex with someone or date them. Image: Seth Dickens

Once again, Republicans have topped themselves. In the race for introducing legislation that restricts personal freedom the most in America, the Massachusetts GOP has reached a new low.

A GOP bill would force people to seek court approval to date and have sex.

For years, Republicans across the country have sought to police what citizens do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. They’ve tried to outlaw anal and oral sex, even for married couples. And they certainly want to ban gay sex. But now, they want to force people to seek permission from a judge before they can engage in sexual relations.


S787 is slippery slope that could be a model for legislation in red states in their war on women.

The bill is bad enough as it is. It legislates the private lives of consenting adults, both men and women, and forces them to ask a court if they can have sex with someone or date them. It’s a clear violation of personal liberty and privacy. But it’s also a slippery slope that could give Republicans a new idea to push in their war on women.

Republicans already want to make it harder for women to obtain a divorce. And the GOP isn’t a fan of women having sex outside of marriage. The right-wing has been totally obsessed with restricting the sex lives of women. And now they have a brand new tactic they can use to make women’s lives even more hellish.

In states where Republicans control all branches of government, they could easily craft a bill that bars any woman from dating or having sex with other partners during a pending divorce. And even if such bills are also applied to men to make them seem more fair, the bottom line is that sex lives would be decided on the whims of a judge. And if that judge is a sexist conservative male, he could simply give men permission to pursue other relationships and deny women from doing the same. After all, women’s sex lives are often more criticized then those of men, and are therefore most likely to be affected by such a law.

In short, this Massachusetts bill is a dangerous one that could lead to worse versions in other states. It’s a way for sexist conservatives to punish women for seeking a divorce and a way for them to legislate what women do in their bedrooms.

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