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In today’s State Of The State address in the Prairie State (my home state), Governor Pat Quinn (D) declared: "Marriage Equality is coming to Illinois."

Springfield, IL — Gov. Pat Quinn renewed his support for gay marriage during the annual State of the State address. The Democratic governor urged lawmakers to pass the marriage equality bill currently before the General Assembly.

"Four years ago nobody thought civil unions would be possible here. Today civil unions are the law in our state and nearly 5,200 couples across 94 counties have joined in civil unions."

"Now it’s time to take the next step to achieving full equality. Marriage equality is coming to Illinois.”

"Let’s pass this bill for marriage equality and let’s do it now," said Quinn.

The vote on IL SB10 is projected to be voted on in the Illinois State Senate on Valentine’s Day. After it passes the Senate, off to the House (controlled by Mike Madigan) it goes. If it passes there, the bill is off to the Governor, and Quinn is expected to sign it into law. The bill passed the Senate Executive Committee 9-5 yesterday.

Quinn’s full SOTS speech excerpt is at

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