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Rush Limbaugh makes an ass out of himself as usual. 

From the 08.12.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Rush Limbaugh accused President Obama of refusing to rebuke the practice of female genital mutilation while speaking to a group of young African leaders, cherry-picking from his remarks to mischaracterize Obama’s very clear condemnation of the practice as a “barbaric” tradition that “needs to be eliminated.”

President Obama spoke on Monday at a town-hall-style meeting honoring the Washington Fellowship For Young African Leaders, urging guests to abandon oppressive traditions, such as female genital mutilation and polygamy, in favor of progress.

Cherry-picking from Obama’s remarks, Rush Limbaugh accused the president of refusing to condemn the practice of female genital mutilation on the July 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show. Limbaugh claimed Obama only halfheartedly stated, “‘Female genital mutilation is not a tradition worth hanging onto,’” and implied Obama’s statement didn’t go far enough, claiming "he didn’t condemn female genital mutilation. That would have been telling Africans what to do, and he would never impose his views on them because we’re from the U.S. and who are we":

Limbaugh further suggested that rather than condemn the practice, Obama would advise Africans to simply contract out mutilation to the terror group Boko Haram. 

In reality, President Obama actually called female genital mutilation a “barbaric” tradition that “needs to be eliminated”:

OBAMA: Now, I have to say there are some traditions that just have to be gotten rid of. And there’s no excuse for them. You know, female genital mutilation, I’m sorry, I don’t consider that a tradition worth hanging onto. I think that’s a tradition that is barbaric and should be eliminated. Violence towards women, I don’t care for that tradition. I’m not interested in it. It needs to be eliminated.

h/t: Chance Seales at MMFA

From the 07.21.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday suggested that women who needed birth control but couldn’t not get it because it was banned by their religious employers could solve their problems if they stopped having sex.

On his radio show, the conservative talker continued his response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal government could not force Hobby Lobby to cover contraception for its female employees by asking why birth control was so important “to the human condition” in the first place.

“Eye exams, dental exams, dental work are not mandated by Obamacare,” he opined. “But contraception is! Birth control pills are!”

“Which is worse? To go blind from lack of regular eye exams or to get pregnant?” Limbaugh continued. “And again, pregnancy is something that you have to do — to cause. It doesn’t just happen to you while you are walking down the street, except in the case of sexual abuse. But in the normal, everyday flow of events, pregnancy requires action that has consequences.”

He argued that the federal government was treating pregnancy like an “imposition that women need to be protected from.”

“And yet, they wouldn’t have the problem if they didn’t do a certain thing,” Limbaugh quipped.

In fact, millions of women use birth control for medical reasons other than preventing pregnancy.

A Guttmacher Institute study found in 2011 that only 42 percent of women used the pill only for birth control, and 1.5 million women relied on it “exclusively for noncontraceptive purposes.”

Listen to the audio below from The Rush Limbaugh Show, broadcast July 2, 2014.

(h/t: Media Matters)

h/t: David Edwards at The Raw Story

Rush Limbaugh’s transphobia gets a big pushback as a caller to his radio show condemns Limbaugh’s usage of such terms. 

From the 05.29.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Network’s The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh: Pope Francis trying to convince UN to impose Marxism, socialism on world (via Raw Story )

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday attacked Pope Francis as a “Marxist” for urging governments to redistribute wealth to the poor. “The pope, ladies and gentleman, is back, saying — demanding — a legitimate redistribution of wealth…


Rush Limbaugh adopted and promoted the conspiracy theory that Clippers owner Donald Sterling was set up by people looking to purchase his franchise.

On the April 29 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh latched on to a caller’s theory that the recordings of Donald Sterling’s racist remarks had been a set-up in order to take the team from him. After entertaining the theory, Limbaugh fully adopted it, later speculating that whoever “set this up” got rid of the team’s anthem singer:

RUSH: Whoever set this up is really good. They covered every base. They’ve got the media wrapped around their little finger. I mean when you get rid of the anthem singer, I used to be in charge of anthem singers at the Kansas City Royals. When you can get rid of anthem singer, you’ve got power.

Later in the show, Limbaugh expanded his conspiracy theory to speculate that the real reason Sterling told his mistress not to appear in photographs with Magic Johnson was not because Johnson is black, but because he suspected Johnson of trying to take the team and trying to lower the price by exposing Sterling’s comments.

The day before Sterling’s suspension by the NBA, Limbaugh claimed that he was “only in trouble for not giving enough money to Obama.”

Typical Rush. 

h/t: Alexandrea Boghun at MMFA


It’s been a very bad week for talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, and a very rewarding week for the millions of Americans who have protested his extreme hate speech for decades. Two years ago, newer groups like BoycottRush/FlushRush/StopRush began a massive national boycott movement that is exposing Limbaugh and crushing his career. Here are four new recent developments:

1. Politico published an article revealing that Tea Party organizations (some created by the Koch brothers) have contributed millions to Rush Limbaugh. What does this mean? For Rush it means they helped sustain him while thousands of sponsors pulled their ads. It means this may lead to an investigation to see if the funding was done legally. According to the FCC, if you receive money from an organization that pays you to promote their propaganda, without telling your audience, it may be considered ‘payola’ - and it may be illegal.


"The Heritage Foundation at the end of January ended its five-year sponsorship of El Rushbo’s show, for which it had paid more than $2 million in some years and more than $9.5 million overall. In 2012, FreedomWorks paid at least $1.4 million to make him an endorser, though it’s not clear that the sponsorship is ongoing."

2. Forbes Senior Political Contributor and regular on Forbes On Fox, Rick Ungar, believes Rush Limbaugh has become a joke. He also shows, via data, that Limbaugh has outlived his audience. Ungar, also known as Forbes ‘token lefty’ implies Rush is now in the, toss out the old - bring in the new, demographic category. The median age of his dwindling audience (as well as the aforementioned sponsor boycott) no longer appeal to advertisers.

Rick Ungar:

"At long last, it appears that Rush Limbaugh has run out of steam. I have to acknowledge that I have sensed Rush getting by on fumes for some time now (yes, I tune into his show from time to time to enjoy his broadcasting skills if not his message). However, it was only recently that the world of Limbaugh crossed that thin red line from partially serious to total self-parody and audience deception—a line crossed from which there is often no return."

"Network television doesn’t just fail to count older viewers; it tries to drive them away. A show with an older viewership is dead air. Advertisers have been pushed by ad agencies into an obsession with associating their product with a youthful brand. The demo rating, 18-49, is the only rating that matters. Viewers younger than that can still pay off. Just ask the CW. Older viewers however are unwanted."

3. Speaking of advertisers, Rush Limbaugh can’t seem to hold on to them, without doling out heavy discounts and/or free ad space. After his notorious on-air verbal attack of then unknown, Sandra Fluke, the national protests was set into motion. Hardworking FlushRush volunteers now monitor The Rush Limbaugh Show nationwide. They document the sponsor ads they hear on his show, into the StopRush Database, along with contact and ad details. The sponsor data is then posted back into the FlushRush private Facebook group, and onto the BoycottRush Facebook page for public use. There have been hundreds of articles written about Rush Limbaugh and the boycotts against him, that have appeared in at least a dozen political online news groups, including Liberals Unite and Daily Kos, and have been viewed by millions. The result? Limbaugh and the radio stations that carry him have lost millions in ad revenue. Very few took the Limbaugh boycott seriously two years ago. It reminds me of the Gandhi quote:

Mahatma Gandhi:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

4. And lastly; Ed Schultz interviewed Holland Cook this week. Cook believes Limbaugh’s business is over, for good, due to the various organized boycotts mentioned above. Each does their own part. The protests have been supported by many big and small Liberal organizations, websites, Facebook pages/groups, and Twitter.

Holland Cooke: (via Daily Kos)

"Hundreds of blue-chip national advertisers basically have not only wandered away from Rush Limbaugh and some of the other righties, they’ve abandoned the format entirely. They are afraid to be heard on a news talk station because this man’s use of his free speech triggered the opposing viewpoint exercising THEIR right to free speech. The boycotters are speaking and using the marketplace to say, ‘ENOUGH!’"

Here is an audio clip of the Ed Schultz/Holland Cook interview: youtube

So now, we’re not only hearing from consumers, we are hearing from industry experts on the left and right, many of whom know the business better than anyone and would not risk their reputations on merely gossip. Yes, yes, the public has had enough. Limbaugh’s self-proclaimed ‘Dittoheads’/fans demanded that Limbaugh’s right to free speech also gives him the right to spew misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, and racism on public radio. He’s been getting away with it for over 25 years. After the Sandra Fluke attack, the general public soon realized that neither his radio affiliates, nor the FCC, planned to do anything about his hate speech, so American consumers decided to use their own version of free speech via petitions, boycotts, and their consumer dollars, to bring Limbaugh down by way of his sponsors. It’s reported 3,100 companies have pulled their ads from Limbaugh, and the protestors and boycotters have never been closer to pulling Limbaugh off the air. When he has moved on, this country will be all the better, and the public will prove once again, it can be done. We can eliminate hate speech from the media, if takes one host at a time.

You see, you can toss  Americans some Limbaugh, Fox News, Bush/Cheney, Koch brothers, even some Supreme Court corruption, but when push comes to shove, Americans will stand up, show up, take charge, and demand a return to democracy and common decency. Salute to all the many boycotters and volunteers.

To learn more about the Rush Limbaugh boycott/protests, visit:

BoycottRush Facebook Group
Limbaugh Sponsor/Clear Channel/Cumulus Petition
Join The Fight To Flush Rush Facebook Group
The StopRush Extensive Sponsor Database

h/t: Brian Tashman at RWW

We already have, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how many museums for women all over the country, they are called malls.

From the 03.18.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Grow up, Sickobaugh!

From the 02.27.2014 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show: