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Fixed Noise commentator Todd Starnes embarrasses this country yet again by slandering President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for the events in Ferguson, Missouri:

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The Associated Press is under fire for yet another tweet, this time about the trial of theman who fatally shot Renisha McBride.

Theodore Wafer was on trial for shooting and killing 19-year-old McBride on his porch last November. McBride was intoxicated, and banged on his door in the early hours of the night. He shot her through his locked screen door.

Here’s how the AP framed the verdict in Wafer’s case on Thursday:

The tweet quickly drew criticism from others on Twitter, who responded:

The AP’s tweet on Thursday is the latest in a series of the news outlet’s recent missteps on social media. After the last problematic tweet, a spokesperson for the AP said that the organization is "reviewing our procedures" for Twitter.

In a first for international politics, the president of Azerbaijan appears to have declared through Twitter the resumption of what had been a dormant conflict with its neighbor Armenia over a plot of territory that both claim as their own.

At stake is the land known as Nagorno-Karabakh, a strip of land located entirely within Azerbaijan’s current borders. The territory, however, boasts a large ethnic Armenian population, a legacy of Josef Stalin’s ‘divide and conquer’ tactics in the Soviet Union. When the USSR collapsed in the early 1990s, the two countries fought a full-fledged war over the land, one that ended in a ceasefire rather than a lasting peace deal. Since then, Nagorono-Karabakkh has been held by Armenian troops and local ethnic Armenian fighters.



In recent days, the long-simmering tensions in the region have begun to boil over again. Over the weekend, clashes between Azeris and Armenians left at least 15 soldiers dead and the ceasefire that has lasted for twenty years at risk. The upswing in violence led to a number of concerned statements from both Russia and the United States, who together are co-chairs of the Minsk Group that has mediated the conflict. “We are seriously concerned about the recent upsurge in violence along the line of contact,” U.S. co-chair James Warlick said in a tweet. “The ceasefire needs to be respected.”

On Thursday, however, Azeri president Ilham Aliyev (İlham Əliyev) took to Twitter to declare firmly that in any conflict, it would be Azerbaijan who prevailed. In a lengthy rant, which at times referred to Armenia solely as “the enemy,” repeatedly hit on the patriotism of the Azeri people and the willingness of the Azerbaijan army to take on Armenia in any renewed conflict. “The whole world recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan and will never recognize the self-styled Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent entity,” he declared. “The Azerbaijani state will never tolerate a second Armenian state on its territory.”

“Azerbaijani citizens are not pleased with the activity of mediators because the main mission of mediators is to settle the conflict, not to keep it in a frozen state and conduct confidence building measures,” he continued, in a dig at the Minsk Group’s lack of progress to date. “The biggest confidence building measure would be the withdrawal of occupying forces from our lands.” The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which houses the Minsk Group, declined to comment on Aliyev’s statement, as it is “not in the position to comment on statements of the heads of our individual participating States.” Instead, ThinkProgress was pointed to the latest statement from the co-chairs, who “expressed their deep concern” over the escalation and urged a resumption of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

View selected excerpts from President Alivev’s rant below:

h/t: Hayes Brown at Think Progress World 



Bill Maher Tweets Hamas is Like Dealing With a 'Crazy Woman'EXPAND

Bill Maher has opinions on the situation in the Gaza Strip and they are loaded with sexist bullshit for some reason.

On Thursday, thousands of Israeli troops stormed into the region, leaving behind dozens of civilian casualties in their wake. On Wednesday, four children were killed by an Israeli missile.

Thursday evening, responding to the conflict in the region, Maher, the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher and a comedian known for his outspoken stance on a variety of political and social issues (who also hosted a show called Politically Incorrect) tweeted this:

Maher is completely entitled to his opinion about the situation in that region. Agree with his stance or disagree, but no one, certainly not me is here to tell him he doesn’t have a right to take a stance.

But ‘crazy woman’? Dude. First of all, that’s an unoriginal joke that stopped being funny in 1993. Secondly, “crazy woman” is a loaded term with a fuckton of implications for women. Making a joke about hitting a woman to make a point about a country where people are being killed is just gross. It’s not just PC whining, OK? If you really want people to take your opinions about issues that are important to you seriously (as Gaza clearly is to him), how about taking a moment to extend the courtesy to other people and do the same for issues that are important to them? That’s what I don’t get in situations like this. If you want to be taken seriously as a political pundit, how can you be so dismissive in the language you use when referring to women or other marginalized groups?

But I guess it’s not about that. It’s “what shocking thing can I say at a time like this to ruffle the most feathers?” This is the second time today we’ve seen a celebrity use Twitter to make a completely inappropriate “comedic” tweet about a horrible international news story.

People on Twitter of course had immediate reactions to his choice of words. Some took issue and some showed support from him against the “PC police,” which in case anyone needs a reminder is not a real goddamn thing. As my good buddy Jamie Kilstein once put it, “the PC police aren’t real. You’re not going to go to jail. You’re just an asshole.”

Amen, sister.

Image via Twitter.

Source: Rebecca Rose for Jezebel

Todd Starnes showed a shocking lack of taste (even for him) when he reacted to the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner with snarky attacks on President Obama. Kudos to Fox’s Greta Van Susteren for calling him out on it.

While most people probably took the news of the airline crash with sorrow and concern, Starnes thought of smearing Obama. Here’s a grab from Starnes’ twitter feed during the hour that the news broke of the crash.


An hour later, Starnes thought of this:


But in case you think I only criticize Greta Van Susteren, here’s a big shout out to her for having the gumption to stand up to her own colleague. On In a blog post called, "NOTE TO FNC’s TODD STARNES: THIS IS VERY BAD TASTE, 295 PEOPLE DIED," Van Susteren wrote, “This is not the time to be snarky or have some pathetic attempt at humor. Let me repeat… 295 people died.”

Good for her!

H/T Media Matters

NOTE: I don’t agree with Greta Van Susteren very often; however, in this instance, she is correct to slam her fellow colleague Todd Starnes. 

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H/T: Mollie Reilly at Huffington Post

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H/T: Gary Legum at Wonkette


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) on Monday learned the perils of automatically cross-posting messages from one social media account to another when this botched tweet went out into the world:

No, the state isn’t shuttering all its schools. Rather, the sentence was an unfortunately clipped version of a longer message posted to Haley’s Instagram that said the state would “no longer educate children based on where they are born.”

Below is the full message from Instagram:

South Carolina made history this year by passing education reform. We will no longer educate children based on where they are born. Through reading coaches, technology investments, and expanding charter schools we just confirmed that we want our children to be the future workforce for our growing high tech jobs! #ItIsAGreatDayInSC

h/t: Kyle Mantyla at RWW


Republican Habitual Whiner Dana Loesch Completely Misses The Point of The #YesAllWomen Hashtag & In Doing So, Contributes To Misogyny Herself

Not surprising to hear this from Dana Loesch. She continually misses the point of the hashtag. 

I’m speechless. Please, some of you help me figure these crap tweets out.

She’s cray-cray beyond belief.

h/t: Caitlin MacNeal at TPM LiveWire

Locals turn on AL ice cream maker over anti-LGBT tweets to talk radio host Dana Loesch (via Raw Story )

Local businesses are ending their association with an Alabama ice cream maker after the owner’s brother made a series of anti-LGBT comments on Twitter. Jack-O-Lantern Farm and Lyons Coffee Roasters said they would not do business with Shirey Ice Cream…


Today, Tea Party Pundit Dana Loesch has smeared Democratic State Rep. Stacey Newman yet again, this time for mentioning about Benghazi, a tragic event in which 4 Americans were killed on September 12th, 2012, that the righties like Loesch have decided to exploit for political gain in order to  attack 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and by extension, the Democratic Party.

Here’s her tweet that got the right all hopping mad:

Her [Loesch’s] own site smeared Newman in a derogatory manner:

I interviewed Charles Woods, father of US Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, one of the four lives lost during the Benghazi terror attack. He’s a grieving father still searching for answers. Meanwhile, Democrats call the attack a “pseudo scandal” and crack jokes like this on Twitter. Keep it classy, Stacey Newman.

Hey Dana, the Democrats are right to call the conservatives’ reaction to Benghazi a phony scandal. 

She trotted in an attack on Wendy Davis, too. 

NO, Speaker Jones should NOT censure Rep. Newman at all. If he did that, then it’ll be a partisan witchhunt. 

KC Star's Barb Shelly and Stacey Newman were NOT “mocking 4 dead Americans in Benghazi,” but the right-wing's overreaction to Benghazi.

Democrats are NOT “trivializing” the deaths of 4 Americans at Benghazi in 2012.

The Riverfront Times on Newman’s Benghazi comments:

St. Louis County’s Democratic State Representative Stacey Newman made a joke about Benghazi. It hasn’t gone over too well.
Newman went on Twitter Tuesday night and joked about an issue that has been a staple of Republican concerns since September 2012, when four Americans were killed in the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, in what has since been determined as an intelligence failure. Since the tragic event partisan politics have raged, with Republicans accusing the Obama administration of covering up the details of the event, and Democrats accusing Republicans and conservative media outlets of exploiting a tragic accident for political gain.

No doubt Newman was joking about what has been seen as an exaggerated reaction to the Benghazi incident by the conservative right. And comedians have been joking about this for quite a while, mostly by making fun of the apparent hypocrisy involving the right’s current outrage over an alleged cover-up during the Obama administration that killed four Americans versus the right’s lack of outrage over the cover-up during the George W. Bush administration that killed more than 4,000 Americans and nearly 200,000 Iraqis.

Unlike Loesch, Twitchy, and the right-wing media morons, Newman is telling the truth about Benghazi and how the right’s exploiting it.

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Jars of Clay Frontman Dan Haseltine Posts Apology On Using Twitter As A Venue For Advocating Marriage Equality, But Doesn’t Apologize For His Support of Marriage Equality

Dan Haseltine, lead singer of the popular Christian folk rock band Jars of Clay, gained much attention last week when tweeted for three days about marriage equality and religion—but not all the attention was positive.

Many in the LGBT community were moved by the public Christian figure’s call to love, support, and not judge people are gay. Additionally, many followers appreciated Dan’s attempt to calmly facilitate difficult conversations. According to subsequent tweets, however, it seems that numerous outlets, Twitter followers, and even Jars of Clay fans did not react positively:

I trust Scripture. I don’t think the treatment of gays must begin with the conversation of “right or wrong” we are to love either way.

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 25, 2014

I hope that helps at least the folks calling me a heretic and a humanist..etc to have a little more free time. Goodnight. -Dan

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 25, 2014

If the knee jerk reaction is to spit venom or become defensive, how do we listen? How do we honor honest searchers of truth?

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 25, 2014

If your immediate response was to get angry or to call me out as stupid or ignorant as I processed ideas in the public forum.. Why?

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 25, 2014

When you looked at my tweet and it didn’t line up with your belief and so you offered a hateful or judgmental response… Why?

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 25, 2014

Last Month, the ecumenical Christian Charity World Vision reversed its decision to welcome openly LGBT employees after receiving negative backlash from notorious anti-LGBT pundits, who doubted the organization’s religious convictions. While Dan has seemingly been confronted with a similar firestorm, he did not retract his LGBT-affirming stance.

Ultimately, Dan urged everyone to visit his blog to gain clarity and insight into his initial tweets:

charisma and other media outlets are still running mis-informed posts even after I have clarified some things.

— Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus) April 26, 2014

There, on Friday, Dan published a lengthy post titled “Reset. (Context…Tangent…Apology)”.


In my questions and dialogue with people on Twitter, it became evident that the issue I had chosen to discuss was far too personal, nuanced, and deeply connected to faith and our human condition to honor the amount of wrestling that others have done on this topic.  And though they were my questions and it was a dialogue provoked by me, it bled into the Jars of Clay world, and my other band mates felt people’s dismay, frustration and the projection of my views and ideas back on to them. It is not theirs to shoulder. 

It was a poor choice of venue on my part.  I chose some of my words poorly.  And I was unable to moderate the conversation in such a way that it kept everyone’s views with a shared validity and civility as I had hoped.    And so, I am not going to continue the conversation on that forum.  I do apologize for causing such a negative stir. 

In the coming days, I will begin posting some questions on my blog (, and even doing some interviews around this topic, as I believe there can be healthy dialogue and better understanding even if there is not shared agreement.  I am dedicated to being a life long learner.

While Dan apologized for using an informal venue and for unintentionally causing negative reactions against his bandmates, he stood by his support for the LGBT community, and continued to explore Christianity as a lived practice:

Last week, Jars of Clay performed at a music festival in Australia. As part of the programming of the event, the festival offered various breakout sessions and panel discussions on a host of topics that might be interesting to the festival attendees.  I was invited to sit on a panel discussion about moral behavior and the church.  The question we were presented was, “Does the western church’s focus on moral behavior undermine the church’s ability to love? …

…The film [12 Years A Slave] had such incredible storytelling and superb acting that gave faces and souls to the men, women and children trapped in slavery.  The thing that continued to swirl around my mind was a scene when one of the slave owners was quoting scripture to slaves.  He was using the words to drive home a point about his supremacy over the slaves, and the wrath they would face if they were disobedient.
He was mis-using scripture to back up his acts of oppression toward another human.  He was using scripture to back up his idea that slaves were less than human, and so should not be given the rights of humans. 
I would not say that the issues of slavery, which are tied to color and race, clearly mirror the issues of gay rights.  But for some reason, all the questions I had surrounding gay marriage came rushing back.

In the heat of discussion, I communicated poorly and thus unintentionally wrote that I did not care about what scripture said.  Thus, the tsunami hit.  It was picked up by bloggers and written into editorials before I could blink.  And rightly so, people were shocked and offended by my statement dismissing the value of scripture.  I got it. And possibly, I got what that combination of statements warranted for response. I should’ve chosen my words more wisely.
I care about what scripture says.   It matters.

So, that said, Twitter is a great place to share selfies and a horrible forum for discussions and a bad place to communicate under the fog of jetleg.

To show your support for Dan’s commitment to continuing the conversation and for his ongoing belief in LGBT equality—despite the criticisms he’s received as a result— you can tweet him at @scribblepotemus.

h/t: Ben Armbruster at Think Progress World