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Scott Walker’s cronies have ruined Wisconsin once again. It’s time to get rid of him at the ballot box in November! 

h/t: Scott Bauer at TPM

Iowa radio host Steve Deace was on Larry Pratt’s Gun Owner’s News Hour last week to promote his new electoral strategy book, “Rules for Patriots.” The two spent quite a bit of time lavishing praise on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his crusade to bust his state’s public-sector unions.

Deace shared his theory that that public-sector unions are one of the “four pillars of the leftist, statist, Marxist movement,” along with “the child-killing industry, the homosexual lobby” and “government education” (which is “how they get the next generation to indoctrinate them”).

He praised Walker for removing “one of the four pillars,” namely “the worker bees, the grassroots, the mobocracy, the ‘Hail Satan’ chanters down in Texas last year, that’s the government-sector employee unions.” Deace apparently thinks that five anonymous teenagers yelling “hail Satan” at a pro-choice protest in Texas means that all public employees are Satanists.

Deace counseled Republicans against supporting any GOP politician who supports any one of the “four pillars.”

Pratt agreed, adding that the public-sector employees, including teachers’ unions, that protested at the Wisconsin state capitol in 2011 were “such ugly, dirty people” that nobody would want teaching their children.

Deace: There are four pillars of the leftist, statist, Marxist movement in America: the child-killing industry, the homosexual lobby, government education – that’s sort of their youth ministry, that’s how they get the next generation to indoctrinate them. The homosexual lobby and the abortion industry is where they get their mega, mega hundreds of millions to fund their schemes. But the worker bees, the grassroots, the mobocracy, the ‘Hail Satan’ chanters down in Texas last year, that’s the government-sector employee unions. And if you cut them off, that’s like cutting off the recruiting ability of a college football team. That’s the lifeblood of their program is those government-sector employee unions.

And if you do some of the math, I think the average annual union due in Wisconsin is like $1,500 a year for an AFSCME member. And if they truly lost 40,000 members, Larry, 40,000 times 1,500, you can pretty much buy the Wisconsin state government every year for that kind of money. And to have him cut off the head of the snake like that, he removed one of the four pillars. He’s maybe the only elected Republican in my lifetime I can think of who’s actually removed one of their pillars. And now you know why they have done everything they can possibly do to get rid of him.

And I would just say to your audience, if you’re supporting a Republican who doesn’t threaten at least one of those pillars, you’re wasting your time. If you’re supporting a Republican who aids and abets or collaborates with one of those four pillars, I don’t care how good he is on every other issue, he’s actually working for your opponent. Because that’s the infrastructure of the American left, those four facets.

Pratt: When Scott Walker had those union thugs lying all over the lobby of the capitol dome, the capitol building itself, they were such ugly, dirty people. ‘Those were teaching my kids?,’ I think people might have been thinking. They lost so much stature, it was just amazing what was happening.

From the 04.12.2014 edition of Republic Broadcasting Network’s Gun Owner’s News Hour:

 h/t: Brian Tashman at RWW

Hope the ruling goes against Walker and his henchmen cronies and for overturning #Act10


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(via Daily Kos: Ed Schultz Skewered Scott Walker Last Night On The Ed Show (awesome video))

Scott Walker: a cancer to Wisconsin.

This was the leadoff story, the first national coverage of the multiple arrests in our State Capitol for the crime of “singing” or “observing” or “standing around” while not a supporter of Scott Walker and his band of Not So Merry Men, and an amazing compellation Walkers extremism and poor record.

Ed and his panel roasted Walker over the open flame of his own dismal record.  The only thing missing was an apple in his mouth.


Yes, Scott Walker has been out of state more than he’s in the state (a good reason that his Governors schedule remains secret to this day).  He’s raising money.  Lots of money.  Figures for his recall election alone reveals at least 60% of his funds were from out of state and that he spent $30 million on his lying anti-recall campaign.  And that’s not counting all the mega money from Koch sponsored astroturf groups.  

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) initiated a high-profile effort to bust his state’s public sector unions in 2011, he said that he had no interest in pursuing similar efforts against private sector unions. “Private sector unions are my partner in economic development,” Walker has said. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted that he “has consistently downplayed seeking any restrictions on private unions in public statements.”

Walker also said in December that “he wouldn’t pursue any new bills on public or private unions in the coming legislative session.” However, word evidently did not get down to his Republican colleagues, who introduced and are fast-tracking a bill to allow employers to cut hours of union workers without the unions’ consent:

Republicans are hurrying bills through the Wisconsin Legislature that they say could prevent layoffs by allowing companies to cut back workers’ hours, but Democrats on Tuesday called them a renewed GOP attack on unions.

The bills wouldn’t require companies to negotiate with unions about cutting back hours, in contrast to almost all similar laws in other states. But a spokeswoman for the author of the Assembly version of the Wisconsin proposal said there was no intent to harm organized labor.

The Wisconsin GOP is moving this bill under the guise of creating a “work-sharing” program, which is an idea aimed at using government support to allow businesses to cut back worker hours while not laying off employees (with the government picking up the tab for the hours workers miss).

“Republicans began their war on bargaining rights with Act 10, and with this bill they have nowturned their attention to private sector unions,” said state senate Minority Leader Chris Larson (D). “This bill is a clear opening shot at undermining private sector unions.” “The Farrow-Brooks bill says that private sector unions shouldn’t be able to negotiate for their members. It’s one more step toward their goal of ending the right of Wisconsin citizens to have their voice heard in the workplace,” added State Senator Julie Lassa (D).

H/T: Pat Garofalo at Think Progress Economy

MADISON, Wis. — A law enforcement union filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of a Wisconsin law effectively ending collective bargaining for most public workers.

The lawsuit brought by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association seeks to strike down the law, championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, as a violation of constitutional rights of free speech, association and equal protection. While state troopers and motor vehicle inspectors were exempted from the law, University of Wisconsin officers, Capitol police and Department of Transportation field agents were not.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s spokeswoman Dana Brueck issued a statement saying the complaint was under review.

"We believe (the law) is constitutional, and that we’ll ultimately prevail," she said.

The lawsuit comes less than two months after a Dane County judge ruled the law unconstitutional as it applies to school district and local government workers. That ruling came in a case brought by Madison teachers and Milwaukee city workers. It did not apply to state workers. Van Hollen is appealing that ruling.

The new lawsuit filed in Dane County Circuit Court challenges the law as it pertains to law enforcement officers who had been represented for collective bargaining purposes by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association.

The law, which applies to nearly all public workers, allows collective bargaining only for base salary increases no greater than the rate of inflation. Collective bargaining over other issues, such as workplace safety, hours and job security, is not allowed.

It also required workers to pay more for their health insurance and pension benefits, a move Walker said was necessary to plug a $3.6 billion budget gap. It also did away with automatic union dues withdrawals and forced annual votes to keep unions organized.

Walker’s opponents said his true intent was not to balance the budget but to quash public unions, a strong political force typically for Democrats.

The WLEA said in a statement that the law “fractured the union and the solidarity of its members, undermining their ability to join together and advocate for the best conditions to keep Wisconsin roads and communities safe.”

h/t: HuffPo

MADISON, Wis. — A judge has rejected the state of Wisconsin’s request to put on hold his earlier ruling striking down large portions of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious collective bargaining law.

Dane County District Judge Juan Colas on Monday released his ruling rejecting the request for a stay.

Colas in September ruled the law stripping most public workers of nearly all their union rights violates teachers and local government workers’ free speech, free association and equal protection rights.

Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen had asked for a stay while he appeals. 

h/t: Huffington Post

Suck it, Walker!

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin judge has struck down the state law championed by Gov. Scott Walker that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers.

Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruled Friday that the law violates both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. The ruling comes after a lawsuit brought by the Madison teachers union and a union for Milwaukee city employees.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie says he is confident the decision will be overturned on appeal.

h/t: Yahoo! News

Made in the style of a “Behind the Music” episode, this film is a shocking account of Scott Walker’s tarnished legacy. It traces his rise to Tea Party stardom, and his bitter fall from grace with average Wisconsinites.

1 week left until Walker and Kleefisch are toast!

The Democratic National Committee is asking its national supporters in an email Wednesday to contribute to the recall fight against Gov. Scott Walker.

A party official said the solicitation is going out to “millions” of people who have supported the party and the Obama campaign in the past.

The national party has been criticized by some on the left for not doing more for Tom Barrett’s campaign against Gov. Scott Walker.

Party officials have pushed back against that criticism. 

In the fundraising e-mail, Wasserman Schultz says:

“Of all the elections we are preparing for in 2012, one of the most important ones isn’t happening in November.

On June 5th, the people of Wisconsin will have their chance to recall Governor Scott Walker, whose attacks on workers’ and women’s rights are the definition of a fireable offense. Democrats are rallying around our nominee, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and with just 14 days to go before the election, we’re organizing one of the largest get-out-the-vote efforts in state history.

Will you donate today to help Wisconsin Democrats build the grassroots organization it’s going to take to beat Scott Walker and win in 2012? 

It’s up to Democrats across the country to help win this thing.”

It’s about damn time that DWS and the Dems do something about the Recall race!

h/t: Craig Gilbert at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Janesville, Wisconsin, teachers who signed—or simply may have signed—petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker are being targeted by an anonymous group. The group, fronted for by Citizens for Responsible Government, a conservative Milwaukee organization, filed freedom of information requests and obtained the names, job titles, and salaries of every teacher in Janesville, then produced a flier listing the names and salaries of the 321 highest-paid teachers. The flier urges recipients to look for the teachers’ names on a list of recall petition signers and:

At the bottom of the flier is a “Parents’ Rights Protection Form” urging parents to send it to Superintendent Karen Schulte and request that “my child be assigned to a classroom taught by a non-radical teacher during the 2012-2013 school year.” […]

Schulte said if she receives any of the requests, “they’re going in the trash.”

h/t: Laura Clawson at Daily Kos Labor

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker met with a billionaire campaign donor a month before he launched his attack on the collective-bargaining rights of public-sector workers and public-school teachers, he engaged in a detailed discussion about undermining unions as part of a broader strategy of strengthening the position of his Republican party.

After he initiated those attacks, Governor Walker testified under oath to a Congressional committee. He was asked during the April 2011 hearing to specifically address the question of whether he set out to weaken unions—which traditionally back Democrats and which are expected to play a major role in President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign—for political purposes. Walker replied: “It’s not about that for me.”

So, did the governor of Wisconsin lie, under oath, to Congress? The videotape of Walker talking with Diane Hendricks, the Beloit, Wisconsin, billionaire who would eventually give his campaign more than $500,000, surfaced late last week. Captured in January 2011 by a documentary filmmaker who was trailing Hendricks, the conversation provides rare insight into the governor’s long-term strategy for dividing Wisconsin. And the focus of the conversation and the strategy is by all evidence a political one.

In the video, Walker is shown meeting with Hendricks before an economic development session at the headquarters of a firm Hendricks owns, ABC Supply Inc., in Beloit. After Walker kisses Henricks, she asks: “Any chance we’ll ever get to be a completely red state and work on these unions?”

“Oh, yeah!” says Walker.

Henricks then asks: “And become a right-to-work [state]?”

Walker replies: “Well, we’re going to start in a couple weeks with our budget adjustment bill. The first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer.”

After describing the strategy, Walker tells the woman who asked him about making Wisconsin a “completely red state”: “That opens the door once we do that.”

The videotape from several months earlier, in which Walker speaks at length with his most generous campaign donor, suggests a very different answer to the questions from Murphy and Connolly. Indeed, the videotape shows Walker having just such a conversation.

It’s imperative that fucking bastard gets his pink slip on June 5th!

H/T: John Nichols at The Nation


Aside from getting tons of money from out of state corporate interests, Walker is on record with the single biggest donor to his campaign admitting that his union busting policies were never about “fiscal responsiblity” as he claimed to the voters.  He admitted that it’s about “Divide and Conquer.” Then he lied to congress about it.

From the transcript:

» any chance we’ll get to be a completely red state and work on these unions and become a right to work? what can we do to help you?

» we’re going to start in a couple of weeks with our budget adjustment. the first step is deal with collective bargaining for all public employees. use divide and conquer.

» it’s a look inside the governor’s head and agenda less than one month before he staged an all out assault. at the time he lied about his reasons for gutting the public sector. his biggest lie happened during congressional testimony in april of 2011.

» have you ever had a conversation with respect to your actions in wisconsin in using them to punish members of the opposition party and their donor base?

» no.

» you’ve never had such a conversation?

» no.

» let’s go back and take another look at what the he told billionaire donor three months earlier.

» the first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employees. use divide and conquer.

One would think the DNC would want to run with this tell all video of Walker’s confession to a fellow corporatist.

One would think the DNC would recognize the importance of the recall election, to the people of Wisconsin who have been through corporatist hell, thanks to Walker and his puppet masters, the Koch Brothers.

Let’s encourage the DNC to get off its ass and help Tom Barrett. has a petition going calling on the DNC to:

invest now in the crucial fight to remove Scott Walker from office in Wisconsin–the people have worked hard and it’s time to help.

Sign it! Share it! Tweet it!

The reality is, the GOP is in it to win it and they are putting their money where their corporate speech is.

It’s time for the DNC to stand up for the people of Wisconsin!

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