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The latest rumor to make its rounds on the web is a tip from the Jerusalem Post that in Donetsk, Ukraine, Jews older than 16 years old will be forced to register their identities with the pro-Russian separatists led by Denis Pushilin, whose forces have recently taken over several government buildings in the city. This is actually just a provocation most likely planted by pro-Ukrainian groups.

Rain, an independent TV station in Russia, quoted Pushilin as saying the documents did not come from him. Some people from the local Jewish community agreed documents were an attempt to provoke a conflict and blame it on Pushilin and his separatists, according to the Ukrainian news publication the News of Donbass.

To set the record straight: Jews in Ukraine are not being asked to register with pro-Russian separatists at risk of losing citizenship. This war of information, however, might not be ending anytime soon.

President Vladimir Putin ramped up his aggressive language toward Southeastern Ukraine in his four-hour live Q&A session Thursday, when people called in, texted and sent video messages with their questions. He has made it more obvious that his priorities are protecting ethnic Russians over helping Ukraine become more stable.

We can see this in his increasingly pro-Russian language. Putin pubically called the Southeast Ukraine, which is bordered by Moldova, Donetsk, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk “Novorossiya” or “New Russia” for the first time. In other words, he made it clear this region is now rightfully a new kind of Russia and should be treated as such. The area was last called “New Russia” in 1922 when it was “given” to Ukraine by the Bolsheviks. “God knows why” they gave these cities to Ukraine, Putin said Thursday.


The “New Russia” label is particularly scary when coupled with the way Putin is attempting to divide Russia from the West. Putin described the western man as being “for himself,” and “the more successful the person, the better.” He distinguished this from a “person of the Russian world” who thinks there is “something higher” of his own life. The more Putin creates these juxtaposition, the more like it seems he is not going to let down on Ukraine.

Sure, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterparts agreed on a de-escalation resolution Thursday in Geneva. But as is clear in Putin’s rhetoric: If it’s up to him — and it might just be — Ukraine is New Russia.”

As Putin increases his anti-fascist, pro-Russian rhetoric, he renders the Ukrainian government weak, further destabilizing the country. That’s why local Ukrainian groups in Donetsk resorted to faking an anti-Semitic document on the part of pro-Russian separatists.

If Putin doesn’t put a halt to elevating the interests of ethnic Russians over the interest of all Ukrainians, more members of the international community invested in this conflict will be blinded by his war of misinformation.

Source: Sarah Kaufman for Policy Mic

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New party tries to woo Hungary’s Roma (via AFP)

With elections looming on April 6, a new party is trying to win over Hungary’s largest ethnic minority, the Roma, a community scarred by deep poverty and racism and disillusioned by traditional politics. “Until now, the Roma have never had credible…


Same-sex couples legally marry in England, Wales

BBC NewsCouples flocked to town halls during the early hours of Saturday as a law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect in England and Wales.

The law, which was passed last year, was hailed by politicians from both the country’s main parties. Prime Minister David Cameron said he believed the law sent a message that people were equal “whether gay or straight.” 

Scotland also passed a similar law in February but the first same-sex marriages aren’t expected until October. 

Photo: Peter Tatchell (left) was chief witness at Peter McGraith and David Cabreza’s wedding in Islington. (Getty Images)


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h/t: Ben Armbruster at Think Progress World

Erdoğan’s a menace to Turkey and to Kemalist heritage. 

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Twitter is investigating reports that the service was blocked in Turkey late Thursday after Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned at a rally that he will “eradicate Twitter” and had a court order to do so.


#ALERT | #Twitter has been blocked by the government in #Turkeynow!

“In the ongoing situation, Twitter has remained indifferent to remove certain links despite court orders favoring the citizens of the Turkish Republic,” Erdogan’s office said in a statement published by the Turkish website Sabah and translated by Al Monitor. “We came to [the] conclusion that in order to relieve our citizens, there is no way left beyond blocking Twitter, which disregards court orders, does not obey the rule of law.”

At a daily press briefing on Thursday, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “As we have previously stated, we remain very concerned by any suggestion that social media sites could be shut down. Democracies are strengthened by the diversity of public voices.

“An independent and unfettered media is an essential element of democratic, open societies, and crucial to ensuring official transparency and accountability”

As the news spread, Twitter offered users a way to bypass the ban by tweeting via text message.

Turkish users: you can send Tweets using SMS. Avea and Vodafone text START to 2444. Turkcell text START to 2555.

Twitter users in Turkey and abroad immediately shared information on how to bypass the ban via SMS and VPN. From inside Turkey,#TwitterIsBlockedInTurkey and #DictatorErdoganbegan to trend within hours.


#twitter blocked in #turkey tonight. folks are painting #google dns numbers onto the posters of the governing party.

In spite of ‘block’ there have been 272K tweets using#TwitterisblockedinTurkey in past 3hrs. 207K of those from Turkey itself.

Erdogan – who is currently fighting corruption allegations and waves of anti-government protests – has made repeated threats against social media users. Memes mocking the embattled Erdogan and his latest media crackdown also circulated widely.


12 milyon kullanጜısı olan #Twitter'a erişim engellendi! Dünyada sadece 2 ülkede yasak!


a list of apps on an average turkish phone. in case.


All these jokes/pics about death of Twitter in Turkey? I see them all from tweeps tweeting FROM Turkey.RT @DTJ_Online


"So?.. What’s wrong? Everyone is still tweeting…"

Source: Miriam Berger for Buzzfeed


Ukraine to withdraw troops from Crimea, officials announce

(Photo: Anton Pedko / EPA)

Ukraine is preparing to withdraw its soldiers and their families from Crimea, officials in Kiev announced Wednesday.

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